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Academic Events

The Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor Dong Yue from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications was invited to come to our university for academic exchange

At 15:30 pm on November 17, 2017, invited by the school of electrical and automation engineering of Nanjing Normal University, Professor Dong Yue, the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar Professor, dean of Institute of advanced technology and school of automation, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, director of Jiangsu province active distribution system data analysis and control engineering laboratory, made a brilliant academic lecture entitled “Research on optimal coordinated control of active distribution network based on information physical fusion” in the conference room 328 in teaching building 1 of Zijin campus. The lecture was presided over by Prof. Engang Tian, vice of our school, and some teachers of our school and other related postgraduates participated in this academic lecture.

Professor Dong Yue was elected as the Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar in 2009, and is granted a Special Allowance from the State Council. In 2011, he won the outstanding contribution award of "333 project" in third phase of Jiangsu Province, and was selected as the second level training object of "333 project high-level talents training project" in 2013 in Jiangsu Province. Professor Yue serves as IEEE Senior Member, the International Journal of IEEE TNNL, JFI and JSS editorial board, editorial board of Control Theory and Application, and Information and Control. He is standing director and Deputy Secretary General of Chinese society of artificial intelligence, deputy director of Institute of automation of Chinese energy internet, vice president of embedded instrument and system technology branch of China Society of instrumentation, member of Specialized Committee control theory, and executive director of Jiangsu Automation Society. Professor Yue presided over 1 items of 863 project, 6 items of key projects and surface projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, published more than 100 SCI papers, and invented more than 40 patents.

Professor Yue introduced the latest research topic of his own research team—control and coordination of intelligent active distribution network. The widespread introduction of information technology realizes the active management and control ability of power grid, makes source net load benign interaction, and ensures the safety, efficiency, economy, large-scale distributed power quality and consumptive utilization on the spot.

At the same time, Professor Yue introduced the smart grid that implements information physics fusion (CPS), and some key scientific problems encountered in its efficient coordinated control. The most important thing is a large number of distributed unit access and the wide application of Internet of things technology, facing the big data problem. Based on this problem, Professor Yue introduced the distributed the processing method of coordination control .

Next, Professor Yue shows the scientific research platform and scientific research progress of the institute. The hardware in the loop simulation platform of active distribution network is mainly composed of RT-LAB real-time simulation toolkit, master computer, simulation computer, industrial computer, A/D interface, D/A interface and other equipment developed by Opal-RT company of canada. Professor Yue also introduced the "Multi-time scale hybrid optimization and network coordination control method" put forward by his research team, and discussed in detail with everyone. Mainly discussed the following key issues: the control method based on multi-agent event triggered hybrid control, generation and load demand side interaction multi time scale rolling scheduling, hybrid optimization based on interval uncertainty optimization scheduling, based on distributed model predictive control for multi energy dynamic optimal dispatch, considering the uncertainty of the cost of hybrid multi-objective robust optimization scheduling. Everyone said that Professor Yue's report was very valuable and benefited a lot!

With rich content and exquisite analysis, Professor Yue won the enthusiastic applause from the teachers and students. Then, the teachers and students raised questions to Professor Yue Dong on their own confusion, and Professor Yue answered the questions carefully. With strong academic atmosphere on the lecture, everybody has a good harvest!


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