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Academic Events

The Summer School in UK,2017

In order to strengthen the internationalization of the school, the School of  Electrical and Automation Engineering successfully held the summer school

in UK.

The summer school meant to cultivate the compound international chemical engineering talents who have the background of engineering specialty and strong communication ability in English. In the summer of 2017, School of Electrical Automation of Nanjing Normal University cooperating with the Northumbria University in UK hosted a one-month summer camp activities for students majoring in electrical engineering and automation.

Before the departure, all the students attending the summer school gathered together to prepare the trip. At the meeting, the associate Dean of Professor Jiang Naiyong put forward the guiding opinions for the exchange of learning activities, and to encourage students to make good use of this opportunity to study, expanding professional knowledge, improving their English level, understanding and preparing for the future of the UK last year of study in advance. Then Ms Zheng, the teacher of Northumbria University Nanjing office explained details of study attending the summer school attending the summer camp in UK and many other aspects of basic necessities of life

On the10th in July, 28 members of the summer camp, Jiang Naiyong, and Instructor Li Yue, arrived at Newcastle city in the north of England. The buildings of the school are naturally fused with the city buildings of Newcastle. They are simple and vigorous, quiet and prosperous.

All the students attending were divided into two classes according to the test results. The courses consist of four parts: writing, discussion, culture and communication. All courses are taught by outstanding teachers at the University of Northumbria. Teachers have high level of teaching, requiring students to communicate throughout the course in English, so that students can greatly enhance their English ability. To test the learning ability of the students, in the last day of the summer school, the students were divided into groups, with PPT speech in English to show what they got in the one- month summer school in UK. According to the comprehensive performance of the students in a month, the University of Northumbria not only made a written feedback to each student, also issued a certificate. Finally, all the students returned home smoothly in August 10th, and successfully completed the summer school. We believe with efforts of all the teachers and students, the school will cultivate a group of stars with a global vision in the future.