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Academic Events

The thesis defense of 2017th academic master held successfully

On May 28, 2020, the thesis defense of 2017th academic master majoring in electrical engineering and control theory and control engineering was held successfully at room 202 and 501 of Qiming building. Prof. Wang Enrong, Prof. Ding Shuye, Prof. Min Fuhong, Prof. Shen Zhongyu, and other teachers of NNU attended the thesis defense. Besides, Prof. Hua Wei and A.Prof. Fang Shuhua from School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, Zhu Jinda, Wang Wei and Yang Zhihong, which are the professor status high level engineers and the dean of NARI Research Institute, and other off-campus experts were also invited to participate in the defense. President Zhu Jinda and vice president Wang Wei are the chairmen of the two defense groups. In addition, Xu Xing, the secretary of the party committee, the dean Yang Jiquan, Li Dali, the secretary of the school office, the 2017th academic masters and some other grade masters attended the defense.

Affected by the epidemic situation, some students have not returned to school. By consideration, a combination form of offline and online has been used to ensure that each student can participate in the defense as scheduled and graduate successfully.

In the defense, each graduate student has displayed the achievements of the postgraduate stage by PPT, which contains the background of topic selection, research content, demonstration method, result summary, future outlook, etc. Then, the experts of the defense committee would make comments on the research work of each student from the perspectives of technical innovation, writing standardization and practical verification, which also put forward suggestions for revision.

Finally, the defense committee used the method of secret ballot to grade each thesis. Based on fairness, justice and "strict entry and strict exit", most of the students successfully passed the defense by the unanimous advice of experts, which has brought a complete end to their three-year postgraduate career. However, a minority need to continue revising the thesis and prepare for the second defense.(wangwei)