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Chen Peng Professor

Academic Area: 
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Networked Control System
  • Security Control of Networked Control System
  • Event-triggered Control

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Control Theory and Control Engineering, ChineseUniversity of Mining and Technology (2002)
  • MA, Chinese University of Mining and Technology (1999)
  • BA, Chinese University of Mining and Technology (1996)


Research Projects:

  • “Event-triggeredcommunication and distributed control co-design for networked control systems underconstraint resources” sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China,2013-2016
  • “Analysisand synthesis of networked control system with constrained network QoS andstochastic fault” sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010-2013
  • “Internet-based study of signal and control co-optimal and quantisation”sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of China, 2008-2010• “Network-basedrobust control and filter for delay system with uncertainties” sponsored by Natural ScienceFoundation of China , 2006-2008
  • “Optimization and collaboration of signal and control under wireless network”sponsored by Natural Science Foundation of JiangShu Province, 2010-2013
  • “Co-designof network and control for networked control systems” sponsored by NaturalScience Foundation of JiangShu, 2005-2007
  • “Modeland Knowledge discovery of database for flow supply chain” sponsored by NaturalScience of Ministry of Education of Jiangshu, 2003-2005

Journal Articles:


  1. ChenPeng, Dong Yue, Qing-Long Han (2014).Communication and control for networked complex systems, SpringerPress,2015,ISBN:978-3-662-46812-8
  2. Dong Yue, Chen Peng, andQing-Long Han. (2007).Analysis and Synthesis of networked control systems. 266 pages, SciencePress,Beijing,P.R.China, ISBN:978-7-03-018464-1(published date: 6 Jan2007).

Refereed International Journal Papers:

  1. Chen Peng, Dong Yue, Min-rui Fei, A higher energyefficient sampling scheme for networked control systems over IEEE 802.15.4wireless networks, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informactics,DOI:10.1109/TII.2015.2481821
  2. Chen Peng, JinZhang, Delay-distribution-dependent load frequency control of power systemswith probabilistic interval delays, IEEE Trans. On Power Systems, DOI:10.1109/TPWRS.2015.2485272
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