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Engang Tian Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Networked Control Systems
  • Modeling and Control of Interconnected Systems
  • Fault Tolerant Control and Filtering
  • Analysis and Synthesis of Fuzzy Control Systems

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Donghua University (2008)
  • MS, Operational Research and Cybernetics, Nanjing Normal University (2005)
  • BS, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Shandong Normal University (2002)


Research Projects:

1. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (project): Stochastic analysis and control design for networked control system with variable constraints, 2016.7-2019.7, host;

2. National Natural Science Foundation of China (project): Research on Modeling and Control for Networked Interconnected Systems: a Hybrid-Triggering Scheme (61273115), 2013.1-2016.12, host;

3. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province (project): Research on cooperative control of large scale interconnected systems in the network environment (BK2012847), 2013.1-2015.12, host;

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Stochastic modeling, analysis and synthesis of networked control systems (60904013), 2010.1-2012.12, host;

5. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province’s Colleges: The analysis and synthesis of the network control system considering the stochastic characteristic of the network (09KJB510004), 2009.9-2011.12, host;

6. The high level talent start fund of Nanjing Normal University: The stochastic analysis and quantitative control research on network control system, 2008.12-2010.12, host.

Journal Articles:

1. Engang Tian, W.K. Wong, Dong Yue, Tai-Cheng Yang, H Filtering for Discrete-Time Switched Systems with Known Sojourn Probabilities, IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol.60(9), pp.2446-2451, 2015. (SCI:CQ3KU, EI:20152801027063)

2. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Decentralized control of network-based interconnected systems: A state-dependent triggering method, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control,Vol.25(8), pp.1126-1144,2015.(SCI:CG1RQ, EI:20143600050867)

3. Engang Tian, W.K. Wong, Dong Yue, Robust H-infinity control for switched systems with input delays: A sojourn-probability-dependent method, Information Sciences, Vol.283, pp.22-35, 2014.(SCI:AO7QR, EI:20143418093055)

4. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Tai-Cheng Yang, Analysis and synthesis of randomly switched systems with known sojourn probabilities, Information Sciences, Vol.277, pp.481-491, 2014.(SCI:AK4JE, EI:20142317797957)

5. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Guoliang Wei, Robust H-infinity filter for discrete-time linear system with uncertain missing measurements and non-linearity, IET Signal Processing, vol.7(3), pp. 239-248, 2013.(SCI:181ZQ, EI:20150800544317)

6. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Reliable H-infinity Filter Design for T-S Fuzzy Model-Based Networked Control Systems with Random Sensor Failure, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Vol.23(1), pp.15-32,2013. (SCI:061ZJ, EI:20130115868774)

7. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Taicheng Yang, Zhou Gu, Guoping Lu, T-S Fuzzy Model-Based Robust Stabilization for Networked Control Systems with Probabilistic Sensor and Actuator Failure, IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, vol. 19(3), pp.553-561, 2011. (SCI:773OQ,EI:20112314042591).

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9. Engang Tian, Dong Yue, Zhou Gu, Robust H_infty control for nonlinear systems over network: A piecewise analysis method, Fuzzy Sets and Systems,vol. 161(21), pp.2731-2745, 2010. (SCI:663CY,EI:20103713236278)

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13. Engang Tian and Chen Peng. Delay-dependent stability analysis and synthesis of uncertain T-S fuzzy systems with time-varying delay. Fuzzy sets and systems, vol. 157, pp. 544-559, 2006. (SCI : 999BM,EI : 05499521496,ESI)  

14. Yinghui Hu, Engang Tian*, Leiming Zhang, Wei Gu. Robust Finite-Time H-infinite Control for Switched Systems by Using Sojourn-Probability-Dependent Method, IET Signal Processing, doi: 10.1049/iet-spr.2015.0284.

15. W.K. Wong, Engang Tian*, Dong Yue, Au, R.W.M., Robust reliable control for systems with random actuator fault and probabilistic nonlinearity with new characters, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, vol.23(18), pp.2013-2027,  2013.(SCI:254ZW, EI:20134917044521)

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Jianan Fang, Yang Tang, Qingying Miao, Yijun Zhang, Engang Tian, Dynamics of complex network control system and its application, Science Press, 2011.


1. Invention Patent: Based on sojourn probability information method the stochastic switching systems H-infinity filtering information processing method (Engang Tian, Hongtian Chen, Yuehua yuan, Yuqi Fan, Da Cheng Peng. Open number: CN 103941692 A, patent No.: 201410161416.1, application number: CN201410161416.1)

2. Invention Patent: A new type of doubly salient electro magnetic motor stator (Engang Tian, Hongtian Chen, Xia Zhao, Chen Peng. Open number: CN 104143865 A, patent No.: 201410339438.2, application number: CN201410339438.2)

3. Invention Patent: A design method of two wheeled vehicle with attitude detection error (Engang Tian, Leiming Zhang, Yawei Zhang, Hongtian. Chen Open number: 104331082A CN, patent No.: 201410555266.2, application number: CN201410555266.2)

4. Utility Model Patent: An anti lost laser pointer (Engang Tian,  Hongtian Chen, Yuehua Yuan, Dacheng Peng, Ying Hui, hu. Open number: CN203882276U authorized patent number: ZL 201420222475, patent No.: 201420222475 application number: CN201420222475.0)

5. Utility Model Patent: A new type of doubly salient electro magnetic motor stator (Engang Tian, Hongtian Chen, Xia Zhao, Chen Peng. Open number: CN204258455U authorized patent number: ZL 201420395239.9, patent No.: 201420395239.9, application number: CN201420395239.9)

Honors and Awards:

1. Engang Tian, Six talent peaks project in Jiangsu Province training object, 2014

2. Engang Tian, Cyanine and Blue Project backbone teachers of Jiangsu Province University, 2014

3. Engang Tian, One hundred young talents training target of Nanjing Normal University, 2014

4. Engang Tian, Nanjing Normal University 2009 annual "outstanding teacher award", 2009

5. Engang Tian (Rank 4), "Network control system modeling, analysis and control", The 2013 Shanghai second prize of natural science

6. Engang Tian, Cyanine and Blue Project backbone teachers of Nanjing Normal University, 2010

Academic Title:

1. The international Journal of “International Scholarly Research Network Applied Mathematics”: Editorial board

2. The international Journal of “Journal of Applied Mathematics”:  Editorial board

3. As longtime reviewers of more than twenty domestic and international journals, such as IEEE Transactions on automatic control, IEEE Transactions on signal proceeding. IEEE Transactions on fuzzy systems, IEEE Transactions on systems, man, and Cybernetics-Part B, as automatica. Fuzzy sets and systems, Information Sciences, Iet control theory and application, International Journal of robust and nonlinear control and so on.