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Ji Sun Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Distributed Parameter System
  • Nonlinear Control System

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Control Theory and Engingeering, Northeast University (1984)
  • MA, Mathematics, Lanzhou University (2002)
  • BA, Mathematics, Hebei Normal University, (1998)


 Research Projects

The simulation study of transpiration cooling control,2002-2004,The optimal control of nonlinear delay system,2008-2010.

 Journal Articles:

  1. The method of piecewise constant control of solidification temperature field. Int. J. Control,2000(7).
  2. Optimal control of fixed boundary transpiration cooling system. Acta.automatica, 2003(2)
  3. The survey of variable domain transpiration control theory,Control and decision,2006 (7)(chinese)
  4. The adaptive control of multilayered medium transpiration cooling system, Mathematics in practice and theory,2004(9)(chinese)
  5. The optimal control for a class of nonlinear transport-reaction process, The 9st international conference on machine learning and Cybernete,2009
  6. Robust control for uncertain system with state and input delay, The 4st international conference on machine learning and Cybernete,2009
  7. Robust stabilization of uncertain T-S fuzzy descriptor system, The 3st international conference on machine learning and Cybernete,2004
  8. A optimal control problem of transpiration-cooling system . ASSCC’,2000,
  9. The optimal control algorithm of nonlinear state-delay system, ICICA, 2010, pp.180-187
  10. Nearly-Optimal Control Algorithm for Nonlinear System with State and Input  Delays, IEEE, CCDC,2011
  11. Nearly-Optimal Control for a class of time delay distributed parameter Systems, Scienific Journal of Control Engineering, 2013(6)


   Device of transpiration cooling, utility model.

   Tel: +8615850741235