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Jie Xu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Process Monitoring
  • Reliable Control of Complex System

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Control Theory and Control Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2011)
  • BA, Industrial Automation, Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, (1998)

   Research Projects:

    Jiangsu Province Higher Education Natural Science Basic Research surface project under Grant Nos. 11KJB510007

  Journal Articles:

    1. Jie Xu, Jin Zhao, Baoping Ma, Shousong Hu,Fault Diagnosis of Complex Industrial Process Using KICA and Sparse SVM, Mathematical Problems in Engineering,2013,5(SCIE,EI)

    2. Xu Jie, Zhao Jin, Liu Rucheng, Hu Shousong, Integrated Fault Identification Algorithm Based on KICA and KFDA,Journal of Data Acquisition and Processing,2013,28(6):812-817.

    3. Xu Jie,Hu Shousong,Shen Zhongyu, Fault detection and diagnosis of chemical process based on an improved multi-scale KPCA,Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument,2010,31(1):51-55.(EI)

    4. Xu Jie,Hu Shousong, Nonlinear process monitoring and fault diagnosis based on KPCA and MKL-SVM. Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument 2010,31(11):2428-2433.(EI)

    5. Xu Jie,Hu Shousong,Shen Zhongyu,Grey identification method of fighter control surface faults,Journal of Nanjing University of Science and Technology,2005,29(SUP):5-8.(EI)

    6. Xu Jie, Hu shousong, Shen zhongyu, Fault detection for process monitoring using improved kernel principal component analysis. AICI2009, Shanghai, 334-338.(EI)

    7. Xu Jie, Hu shousong, Shen zhongyu, Combining KPCA with sparse SVM for nonlinear process monitoring. APPEEC2010,Chengdu, (EI)

    8. Xu Jie, Hu shousong, Shen zhongyu, Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Nonlinear process Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis. ICIECS2009, Qingdao, 426-429.  (ISTP)

    9. Xu Jie, Hu shousong, Shen zhongyu, Robust fault-tolerant control for state feedback systems with a reduced order observer. Computer Simulation, 2006,20(11):108-111.

    10. Xu Jie, Hu shousong, Grey correlation Analysis Used for Faults Identification of Fighter Control Surfaces.Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Engineering and Technology),2006,6(3):5–9.

    11.Xu Jie, Hu shousong. Nonlinear process monitoring and fault diagnosis based on KPCA and MKL-SVM. AICI2010,Sanya.(EI)

    Tel: +86-025-85481040