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Rong Ju Professor

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Modern Relay Protection Technology
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Electric Power System
  • Key Technologies of Wind Power Generation System
  • Research on Power System Reliability

Educational Background:

  • BA,Electrical Engineering,electrical equipment, Nanjing Power Engineering Vocational School,Zhengzhou University, (1996-1997)
  • MA, Automatic Application, Southeast University(1988-1991)

   Research Projects:

  Vertical Research Project:

  1. Research on operational intelligent decision topology on power system demand-side. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department,2001-2003,principal investigator.
  2. Research on distribution network topology and intelligent algorithm. Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department,2003-2005,The second investigator.
  3. Research on high performance power amplifier based on multilevel technology, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department,2005-2007,The Forth Investigator.
  4. Critical technology of high voltage grid-connected cascaded multilevel inverter on solar photovoltaic generation, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department,2007-2009,The Third Investigator.
  5. The risk based micro-grid operation and control in extreme circumstances, Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Education Department,2010-2012,The second Investigator.

   Horizontal Research Project:

  1.The automatic generation of expert system for the switching operation of the substation with Jiangsu Provincial Appraisal

  2.Decision support system for power supply network of Yanshan Petrochemical Company with Ministerial appraisal,Principle Investigator (1995.06)

  3.‘The Simulation System of Switching Operation for Substation’, Principle Investigator (1996.3-1997.3)

  4. Fault diagnosis Expert System on Power Supply Network for Changzhou Chemical Factory. Principle Investigator (2000.3-2000.11)

  5.‘Development of an Electronic Integrated Electronic Training Device’, Principle Investigator, the second prize of Jiangsu Education Department.(2002.2-2002.12)

  6.‘Development Open-integrated PLC platform’, Principle Investigator, (2002.2-2002.12)

  7.‘Research on Knowledge Base in Intelligent Solution of Power System’, Principle Investigator, (2001.1-2001.12)

  8. Projects for Tianjin Dagu Chemical Industry Groups Company, ’Horizontal Research Project, Principle Investigator,(2006.8-2007.6)

  9. The development of an Automatic Control System of Plastic Pipe Welding Equipment of Wuxi World Technology Co. ltd, Principle Investigator, (2007.10-2008.10)

  10.The Integrated Automation System of Power System, Principle Investigator,(2011-2012)

   Journal Articles:

  1. Ju Rong, Qiu Xiaohui, Zhao yangetc,A Description Method for the Rapid Reconstruction of Noise Source and Mechanism. Journal of Nanjing Aerospace University,2012,44(2):217-221.( EI index)

  2. Ju Rong, Zhao yang, Liu Yong,etc. The Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Mechanism and Protection Method of Smart Grid Power Concentrator. Electric Power Automation Equipment,2011,31(12):30-33. (EI index)

  3. Fei Wanming, Du Xiaoli, Ju Rong,etc.SPWM Method for Multi-level Inverter Based onArea EquivalencePrinciple. Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society,2010,25(3):89-96. (EI index)

  4. Wanming Fei,Ruan Xinbo, Ju Rong,etc. Study on Initial Value and Modulation Method of Specific Harmonic Elimination Pulse Width For multi-level inverter.  Proceedings of The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering,2007,27(13):87-92. (EI index)

  5. Zhang Yanli, Ju Rong, etc. Study on Topology of Multilevel Converter Hybrid Diode. Electric Power Automation Equipment,2005,25(12):30-31. (EI index)

  6. Jin Qiyang,Ju Rong. Fault location for distribution network based on genetic and stage treatment.SCET2012,291-294. (EI index)

  7. Du Zhongyao, Ju Rong.Study on Directly Driven Wind Turbine with Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generators(D-PMSG).ICEEAC2010,201-205. (EI index)

  8. Ju Rong, Ju Yong. Design of General Multilayer up-down and Translation Stereo Garage Control System Based PLC. Electrical Automation,2007,29(2):66-69.

  9. Ju Rong, Tang Xiaobo. Development of Expert System for Fault Diagnosis of Power Supply and Distribution System. Electrical Automation,2003,25(1):30-32.

 10. Ju Rong, Tang Xiaobo,etc. TheDesign of Experimental Device for Constant Pressure Water Supply System Based on Practical Application.Electrotechnical Application,2007,26(1):42-44.

 11. Ju Rong,Ju Yong.TheDesign of Experimental Device for Constant Pressure Water Supply System Based on Practical Application.Journal of Nanjing Normal University,2006,6(4):21-25.

 12. Ju Rong,Guo Yiqian.The Application of MAX125 in the Generator Excitation Regulator. Journal of Agricultural Mechanization Research,2005,3:247-248.

 13. Ju Rong,Guo Yiqian. The Application of DS18B20 in Temperature Control System. Journal of Agricultural Mechanization Research,2005,1:224-226.

 14. Ju Rong,Ju Yong,Tang Xiaobo,The Design of elevator monitoring system in intelligent building. Electrical Engineering,2004,4:78-80.

 15. Ju Rong,Tang Xiaobo. The Description of Knowledge Base in Intelligent Solution for Power Supply and Distribution System. Journal of Nanjing Normal University,2003,3(2):50-53.

 16. Ju Rong,Ju Yong.TheSerial Communication with PLC by the Method of MSComm Control. Industry and Mine Automation,20002,6:5-6.

 17. Ju Rong,Zhu Youzhi. The Design of Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Factory Power Supply System. Journal of Nanjing University of Technology,2002,24(3):91-94.

 18. Ju Rpng.The Application of PLC in the Technical Reformation of Mine Car Control System. Coal Technology,2001,20(1):14-16.

 19. Ju Rong,Ju Yong.The Application of PLC in Automatic Feeding and Slag Discharge System, Computer Study,2000,5:5-8.

 20. Ju Rong,Ju Yong.The Simulation Switching System of Intelligent Substation.Power Construction,1997,11:42-43

 21. Zhang Guobao,Zhou Boxin,Ju Rong. A Objected-oriented Database Management System. Journal of Southeast University,1996,26(3):126-128.

 22. Lv Jin,Ju Rong,Wu Mingyu.Fault Location for Resonant Grounded System Based on Zero-Sequence Current Increment Method. IJCEE2012,317-321


  1.Factory Power Supply Technology,2000.10,Higher Education Press, Deputy Chief Editor

  2. Power Supply and Distribution Technology,2005.02,Chemical Industry Press, Chief Editor

  3.Power Supply and Distribution System(VolumeⅠ&Ⅱ ),2009.05,China Electric Power Press, Deputy Chief Editor

  Honors and Awards:

  1. Integrated Electronic Training Device,the second prize of Jiangsu Education Deprtment,2002.6,
  2. The Virtual Circuit Experiment Excellent Curriculum Prize,2002.6, The Second Investigator.
  3. The Research and Discussion on the Experimental Teaching system of Electrical Engineering, The Second Prize of NNU Excellent Teaching Achievement,2004,9,The Principle Investigator
  4. Relay protect and Secondary loop,the Second Excellent Curriclum, 2004.9,the Principle investigator
  5. The Excellent Advisors for theBest Thesis of NNU,2005.6
  6. The Third Prize of NNU Excellent Teaching materials,the PrincipleInvestigator
  7. Power Supply and Distribution System,The Second Investigator.
  8. Electrical Engineering Teaching Team, NNU excellent Teaching Team, 2007.11, Member
  9. The ExcellentAdvisors for theBest Thesis of NNU,2008.6
  10. The guide teachers for the best thesis of NNU,2009.10
  11. The Second Prize of the 2011 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, Excellent Advisors in the Jiangsu Division.
  12. JiangsuExperimental Demonstration Cente,’ Electrical Engineering Training Center’,2011.8, The Principle Investigator
  13. Province-level Key Disciplines and Specialties on Electrical Engineering,2012.8, the PrincipleInvestigator

     Scientific Research Reward:

    Research on critical technology of Safe operation of electrical equipment and monitoring,2012 Jiangsu Province Third Prize for Progress in Science and Technology in 2012

    Academic Title:

  • Senior membership of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering
  • The Committee Member of Electrical Engineering Theory and its Applications inJiangsu society for Electrical EngineeringCouncil
  • The Committee Member of Rural Electrification inJiangsu Society for Electrical EngineeringCouncil
  • Evaluation Expertson Sino foreign Cooperative Education Projectsof the Ministry of Education
  • The assessment expert of Jiangsu provincial science and Technology Department
  • The bid evaluation expert on electrical equipment of the Chinese people's Liberation Army