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Shijin Li Lecturer

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
Theory and application of electromagnetic compatibility

Educational Background:

  • Master of Engineering, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, Nanjing Normal University (2013)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial electronic automation, Beijing Information Science and Technology University (1998)

Research Projects:

  • Jiangsu electric equipment electromagnetic compatibility Engineering Laboratory(2012 -)
  • Intelligent analysis and processing system of radiation interference source in PCB circuit(2012-2014)
  • Technology and popularization of EMI noise analyzer for new energy source inverter(2011-2013)
  • Development of key technologies and equipment for the diagnosis of non - standard environment electromagnetic compatibility(2011-2014)
  • The experiment and research of conducting EMI measurement based on double current probe method(2012-2015)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility technology and Application(2013-2014)

 Journal Articles:

  1. Research for Conductive EMI Noise Diagnosis and Mitigation
  2. An EMI Noise Solution Scheme by Independent Component Measurement
  3. The radiated EMI noise modeling and features analysis on the basis of Smart Grid Equipments


  1. 《lectromagnetic compatibility mechanism analysis method and Countermeasures 》,Science Press,2016
  2. 《magnetic compatibility test method and engineering application》,Publishing House of Electronics Industry,2010
  3. 《Fundamental of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Application》,China Machine Press,2006


  1. National invention patent:High frequency circuit radiation electromagnetic interference analysis method、Patent number:ZL201010182263.0,Authorization number:CN101839949B
  2. National invention patent:A method for testing the characteristics of common mode and differential mode filter of EMI filter and its coupling characteristics、Patent number:ZL200910264400.2,Authorization number:N101713804B
  3. National invention patent:Test method for performance of EMI filter based on scattering parameters、Patent number:ZL200910034869.7,Authorization number:CN101629980B
  4. National invention patent:A simple diagnostic method for the experimental station and the mechanism of radiation EMI for the diagnosis of radiation EMI、Patent number:ZL200810242655.4,Authorization number:CN101458283B
  5. National invention patent:Analysis and prediction method of electromagnetic radiation characteristics in high frequency circuit space、Patent number:ZL200810242654.X,Authorization number:CN101458282B

Honors and Awards:

  • Science and technology Third Award of Jiangsu Province(2006,Jiangsu provincial government)


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