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Shijin Li Lecturer

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
Theory and Application of Electromagnetic Compatibility

Educational Background:

  • Master of Engineering, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, Nanjing Normal University (2013)
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial electronic automation, Beijing Information Science and Technology University (1998)

Research Projects:

  • Jiangsu electric equipment electromagnetic compatibility Engineering Laboratory(2012 -)
  • Intelligent analysis and processing system of radiation interference source in PCB circuit(2012-2014)
  • Technology and popularization of EMI noise analyzer for new energy source inverter(2011-2013)
  • Development of key technologies and equipment for the diagnosis of non - standard environment electromagnetic compatibility(2011-2014)
  • The experiment and research of conducting EMI measurement based on double current probe method(2012-2015)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility technology and Application(2013-2014)

 Journal Articles:

  • Research for Conductive EMI Noise Diagnosis and Mitigation
  • An EMI Noise Solution Scheme by Independent Component Measurement
  • The radiated EMI noise modeling and features analysis on the basis of Smart Grid Equipments


  • 《magnetic compatibility test method and engineering application》,Publishing House of Electronics Industry,2010
  • 《lectromagnetic compatibility mechanism analysis method and Countermeasures 》,Science Press,2016
  • 《Fundamental of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Application》,China Machine Press,2006


  • National invention patent:High frequency circuit radiation electromagnetic interference analysis method、Patent number:ZL201010182263.0,Authorization number:CN101839949B
  • National invention patent:A method for testing the characteristics of common mode and differential mode filter of EMI filter and its coupling characteristics、Patent number:ZL200910264400.2,Authorization number:N101713804B
  • National invention patent:Test method for performance of EMI filter based on scattering parameters、Patent number:ZL200910034869.7,Authorization number:CN101629980B
  • National invention patent:A simple diagnostic method for the experimental station and the mechanism of radiation EMI for the diagnosis of radiation EMI、Patent number:ZL200810242655.4,Authorization number:CN101458283B
  • National invention patent:Analysis and prediction method of electromagnetic radiation characteristics in high frequency circuit space、Patent number:ZL200810242654.X,Authorization number:CN101458282B

Honors and Awards:

  • Science and technology Third Award of Jiangsu Province(2006,Jiangsu provincial government)


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