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Xueli Chen Professor

Academic Area: 
Computer Network and Application
Research Interests: 
  • Embedded application technology
  • Sensor network
  • Computer networks and communications

Educational Background:

  • BA, System Constructure of Computer, Tianjing University(1983)


 Research Projects:

  • Project Director. Application of Combining Wireless Sensor Network and RFID in Urban Transportation Control. NJNU Funded Research Project for Returned Overseas Scholars (2007111XLH0037), January 2007–December 2008.
  • Project Director. Data Service Pool Based on J2EE. Natural Science Research Project Funded by Provincial Department of Education (04KJB520077), September 2004–December 2006.

  Journal Articles:

  1. Chen Xueli, Cai Suhua,Ci Wenyan. The Design and Research of the Radio Network Controller,2011 International Conference on Energy Systems and Electrical Power (ESEP 2011),9-10 December 2011, Singapore,Vol.13, 5320—5326.
  2. Chen Xueli, Ci Wenyan, Cai Suhua, Yao Ying. Role of Wireless Sensor Networks in Forest Fire Prevention, ICCET2010(2010 2nd International Conference on Computer Engineering and Technology, April 16-18,2010, Chengdu, China, Vol.4, 12—14. 
  3. Chen Xueli, He Jun, Ci Wenyan. Design and Research on Distributed Flood Disaster Forewarn System,ISTAI’2008(International Symposium on Test Automation & Instrumentation)  Proceedings,November 2008,Beijing, China,Vol.1,267—270.
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  6. Chen Xueli, Cheng Qiming. Neural Network Controller for Ship Track-keeping, Journal of Hohai University, September 2001, Vol.29, No.5, 70-73.
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