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Xuemei Zhu Professor

Academic Area: 
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Modelling,Optimization and Control of CSP (CSP: Concentrating Solar Power)
  • Advanced Process Control Theory and its Application to Industrial Process

Educational Background:

  • PhD, Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University (2005)
  • ME, Industry Automation, Zhejiang University (1987)
  • BE, Process Control, Zhejiang University (1984)


  Research Projects:

  • Researches and demonstration of 10MW Solar Tower power Plant based on small size heliostats, sub-project of the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 program)  
  • Researches on sun-tracking and concentrating strategy and optimization control of heliostat clusters in solar power plant, National Natural Foundation sub-Project
  • Modeling, calibration, and sun-tracking control of heliostats in central receiver solar power plant, Enterprise project
  • Energy saving control strategy for compressors, National Personnel Department Project
  • Modeling, optimization, and control of a heat-integrated distillation column system, Education Department of Jiangsu Province Project

  Journal Ariticles:

  •  Tingting Ding, Xuemei Zhu, Application research of heliostats field scheduling with intelligent algorithm, Acta Energiae Solaris Sinica,2014,35(11):2139-2144.(in Chinese)
  • Ming Xu, Xuemei Zhu, The status and development trend of light-concentrating solar power technology, Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Engineering and Technology Edition ), 2011,11(1):27-32.( in Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu,Liang Zhang and Rucheng Liu,Dynamic mechanistic model of a distillation process,Computers and Applied Chemistry,2008, 25(7): 854-858. ( in Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, A New Type PID controller and its tuning, Control Engineering of China, 2008, 15(4): 429-431. ( in Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu,A Survey of modeling, optimization and control for heat-integrated distillation  systems,Energy Conservation,2007,26(11):35-38. ( in Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, Shuqing Wang, Dong Yue, Pu Li and Geunter Wozny, Researches on optimization in process industries and its application, Journal of East China University of Science and Technology (Natural Science Edition), 2006, 32(7): 852-855. ( in Chinese)
  • Chengbo Li, Xuemei Zhu and Xiaoqing Zhang, Robust Asymptotic Tracking Controller Design for Linear Systems with Uncertain Parameters and Unkown Delays, Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Engineering and Technology), 2005, 5(1): 43-46. ( in Chinese)
  • Zhiming Wang, Xuemei Zhu, Research on the Scheduling Algorithm for Network Control System of Process Control, Process Automation Instrumentation, 2005, 26(4):20-24. ( in Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, Shuqing Wang, Study on Dynamic Optimization of a Heat-integrated Distillation Column System, Control and instruments in Chemical Industry, 2005, (10): 24-26.( In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu and Zhiming Wang, the Development of Voice Alarm and Recording System and Its Application, Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument, 2004, 25(1): 109-110. ( In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, The Effect of the Gain and Sampling Interval on the Stability in a Digital Control System , Journal of Nanjing Normal University ENGINEERING, No.3, 2001.( In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, The Application of Matlab to Automatic Control Theory Course Experiment , Journal of Nanjing Power College, No.2, 2000.(In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, The Development of Simulation Software of Computer Control System Course, Journal of Nanjing Power College, No.1, 1999. (In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, Computer Communication under the Non-network Environment, Computer Application Investigation, No.5, 1997.
  • Xuemei Zhu, The Energy-saving Control of Distillation Processes, Energy Conservation, No.12, 1996. (In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, The Optimizing Software of Multi-component Non-ideal Distillation Processes and Its Application, Journal of Nanjing Power College, No.1, 1996. (In Chinese)
  • Yu Changbin, Xuemei Zhu, and Wang Jicheng, An Optimizing Software and Its Application to Ethanal Column Control, Computer in Industry, 1988, (10): 231-239, North-Holland.
  • Xuemei Zhu, Yu Changbin, and Wang Jicheng,  Microcomputer Optimal Control of an Industry Ethanal Distillation Column , America Chemical Engineering Congress, Peru, 1987.
  • Xuemei Zhu, Distributed Control System: Function Merge and Communication Open, Translated Versions of Nanjing Power College, No.1, 1995. ( In Chinese)
  • Xuemei Zhu, Advanced Control Strategies Realized in Distributed Control Systems, Translated Versions of Nanjing Power College, No.2, 1995. ( In Chinese)

  Honors and Awards:

  • Outstanding Woman Faculty Member, Nanjing Normal University, 2010
  • Excellent Young Teacher, Nanjing Normal University, 2000
  • The Winner of the Second Prize in Teaching Skill Competition, Nanjing Power College, 1997
  • The Best Advisor of Undergraduate Projects, Nanjing Power College, 1996
  • The Third Prize of Science and Technology Advance in Chemical Industry, Ministry of Chemical Industry, P.R. China, 1988


  Tel: +86-025-85481045, +86-13915906728