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Yang Zhao Professor

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Application of Electromagnetic Compatibility Technology
  • Electionic Science and Technology

Education Background:

  • PhD, Electric power electronics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics(1995)
  • MA, Electric power electronics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics(1992)
  • BA, Electric power electronics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics(1989)


Research Projects:

  • Jiangsu electric equipment electromagnetic compatibility Engineering Laboratory, Jiangsu provincial development and Reform Commission
  • Study on electromagnetic interference mechanism and suppression method of magneto rheological suspension system(2015.01.01-2018.12.01), State provincial development and Reform Commission
  • Study on the mechanism of electromagnetic interference source in radio frequency section(2013.01.01-2014.12.01), Southeast University
  • Intelligent analysis and processing system of radiation interference source in PCB circuit(2012.08.01-2014.12.01), Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province
  • Technology and popularization of EMI noise analyzer for new energy source inverter(2011.09.01-2013.12.01), Education Department of Jiangsu Province
  • Development of key technologies and equipment for the diagnosis of non - standard environment electromagnetic compatibility(2011.09.01-2014.12.01), Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province
  • The experiment and research of conducting EMI measurement based on double current probe method(2015.06.10-2015.12.31), Jiangsu Institute of Metrology
  • Electromagnetic compatibility technology and Application(2013.06.01-2015.06.01), Nanjing pelove medical
  • Electromagnetic compatibility technology and Application(2013.01.01-2014.01.01), Nanjing HUASHI electronic scientific CO.LTD

 Journal Articles:

  • Zhaoyang, Rongrong, Zhangyuhuan. Fast analysis and suppression of electromagnetic radiation interference characteristics in RFID system. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Yanwei, Zhaoyang. Mechanism analysis and treatment of EMI noise in complex electronic system. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Yanwei, Zhaoyang. Fast analysis and suppression of electromagnetic radiation interference characteristics in RFID system. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Yanwei, Zhaoyang. Mechanism analysis and suppression of radiation EMI noise in complex electronic systems. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Zhangyuhuan, Zhaoyang. GTEM radiation interference measurement method based on the characteristics of electromagnetic interference source. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Yanwei, Zhaoyang. Dual impedance impedance calibration and Marquardt method based on Extraction. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Sunhongyan,Liuyong,Zhaoyang. Mechanism analysis and suppression technology of DC side EMI noise based on new energy source inverter system. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Zhaoyang,Xiahuan. EMI noise analysis method for medical electronic equipment based on independent component analysis algorithm. EI Recognized kernel journals
  • Zhaoyang. Economic Integration Based Solution for EMI Noise in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive. SCI
  • Zhaoyang, Liu Yong, Li Shijin. The radiated EMI noise modeling and features analysis on the basis of Smart Grid Equipments. SCI
  • Zhaoyang, Deng Yiming, Yan Wei, Qiu Xiaohui, Liu Yong. Error analysis in conductive electromagnetic interference noise source impedance extraction: A simulation and experimental study. SCI


  • Zhaoyang, Lishijin. lectromagnetic compatibility mechanism analysis method and Countermeasures, Science Publishing Company, 2014
  • Zhaoyang. magnetic compatibility test method and engineering application, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2010


  • National invention patent:Magneto rheological intelligent vehicle suspension mixed semi-active variable structure control method、Patent number:ZL 201010144138.0、Authorization number:CN102004443B(2013.01.16)Wangenrong,Songhui,Yanwei,Liutaiming,Yingliang,Zhaoyang
  • National invention patent:Semi active suspension of vehicle based on double controllable damper and control method thereof、Patent number:ZL201210508961.4,publication number:CN102975587 A、(2013.03.20)、Wangenrong,Zhanghailong,Mingfuhong,Yanwei,Huangmiaoyu
  • National invention patent:A GETM cell radiation EMI test method based on the characteristics of radiation source、Patent number:ZL201310002400.1,publication number:CN103048574A、(2013.04.17)、Zhaoyang,Zhangyuhuan,Liuyong,Douaiyu,Xiahuan,Chenyang,Yanwei,Zhoujinrong
  • National invention patent:The impedance measurement method of double resistance calibration and Marquardt method based on EMI、Patent number:ZL200910262975.0,Authorization number:CN101710157B、(2012.07.04)Zhaoyang,Wangenrong,Yanwei,Dongyinhua,Luxiaoquan,Jiangningqiu,Rongrong
  • National invention patent:High frequency circuit radiation electromagnetic interference analysis method、Patent number:ZL201010182263.0,Authorization number:CN101839949B、(2012.09.19)、Chujiamei,Zhaoyang,Luoyongchao,Yanwei,Lishijin
  • National invention patent:A method for testing the characteristics of common mode and differential mode filter of EMI filter and its coupling characteristics、Patent number:ZL200910264400.2,Authorization number:N101713804B、(2011.12.21)、Zhaoyang,Wangenrong,Luxiaoquan,Yanwei,Dongyinhua,Lishijin,Wenfeng
  • National invention patent:Test method for performance of EMI filter based on scattering parameters、Patent number:ZL200910034869.7,Authorization number:CN101629980B、(2011.4.27)、Zhaoyang,Lishijin,Dongyinhua,Luxiaoquan,Yanwei,Yuedong
  • National invention patent:A simple diagnostic method for the experimental station and the mechanism of radiation EMI for the diagnosis of radiation EMI、Patent number:ZL200810242655.4,Authorization number:CN101458283B、(2011.3.30)、Zhaoyang,Chujiamei,Yanwei,Lishijin,Luoyongchao
  • National invention patent:Analysis and prediction method of electromagnetic radiation characteristics in high frequency circuit space、Patent number:ZL200810242654.X,Authorization number:CN101458282B、(2011.3.16)、Zhaoyang,Chujiamei,Luoyongchao,Lishijin,Yanwei
  • National invention patent:Soft separation method for conducting electromagnetic interference noise based on blind signal processing technique、Patent number:ZL201010103385.6,Authorization number:CN101799494B、(2011.8.10)、Zhaoyang,Qiuxiaohui,Chujiamei,Dongyinhua,Yanwei,Luxiaoquan,Wudanning,Pingyunjuan
  • National invention patent:Radiation noise test system for digital gravity metering equipment、Patent number:ZL201020243908.2,Authorization number:CN201724993U、(2011.11.26)、Zhaoyang,Huangxuejun,Dongyinhua,Yanwei
  • National invention patent:Radiation noise testing method for digital gravity measuring equipment、Patent number:ZL201010214783.5,publication number:CN101887095A、(2010.11.17)、Zhaoyang,Huangxuejun,Dongyinhua,Yanwei
  • National invention patent:A method of using GTEM cell testing radiation electromagnetic interference noise、Patent number:ZL200910265804.3,publication number:CN101738558A、(2010.6.16)、Zhaoyang,Huangxuejun,Chujiamei,Yanwei,Luoyongchao,Caishengyang
  • National invention patent:A method of using GTEM cell diagnostic radiation noise type、Patent number:ZL200910265803.9,publication number:CN101738557A、(2010.6.16)、Zhaoyang,Huangxuejun,Chujiamei,Yanwei,Luoyongchao,Caishengyang
  • National new invention patent:Filter for suppressing conductive electromagnetic interference in power network、Patent number:ZL201020188505.2,Authorization number:CN201674226U、(2010.12.15)、Zhaoyang,Huangxuejun,Dongyinhua,Chenxiaoquan,Yanwei,Rongrong

Honors and Awards:

  • Otstanding postgraduate courses in Jiangsu Province:Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Application(2014,Jiangsu provincial government)
  • Jiangsu Teaching Achievement Award(Higher Education)second prize(2013,Jiangsu provincial government)
  • Excellent master's thesis of Jiangsu Province(Guidance teacher)Award(2012 ,Jiangsu provincial government)
  • Science and technology Third Award of Jiangsu Province(2012,Jiangsu provincial government)
  • Third Award of Environmental protection science and Technology Award and Scientific and technological progress(2013,ministry of environment protection)
  • First Award of Xuzhou science and Technology Progress Award(2013,Xuzhou  government)
  • Third Award of National energy science and Technology Progress(2012,National Energy Administration)
  • Jiangsu Province “333project” Science and technology leaders(2011,Jiangsu provincial government)

Academic Title:

  • Review expert of International cooperation project
  • Graduation thesis review expert of provincial department of education
  • Key strategic development project review expert of Jiangsu Province Development and Reform Commission
  • Member of the Jiangsu electric power electronics Expert Committee
  • Associate director of Committee of experts on electromagnetic compatibility of Jiangsu Province, Science and technology experts of Jiangsu Institute of Metrology


    Phone: +86-18913922308

    Fax: +86-02585481170