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Yichao Sun Lecturer

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Power Converters
  • Multilevel Converters
  • Energy Conversion
  • Control System

Research Projects

  • NSFC: Novel Modular Multilevel Solid State Transformer and Its Application in Flexible Micro grid, 2015/01-2018/12, Participant.

Journal Articles

  1. Y. Sun,C. A. Teixeira,D. G. Holmes,B. P. McGrath,J. Zhao. Low order circulating current suppression of PWM based modular multilevel converters using DC-link voltage compensation.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,2018,33(1):210 ~ 225.

  2. J. Wang,F. Luo,Z. Ji,Y. Sun,B. Ji,W. Gu,J. Zhao.An Improved Hybrid Modulation Method for the Single phase H6 Inverter with Reactive Power Compensation.IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics,2017,PP(99):1~1.

  3. Z. Ji,J. Zhao,Y. Sun,X. Yao,Z. Zhu.Fault-Tolerant control of cascaded H-Bridge converters using double zero-sequence voltage injection and DC voltage optimization.Journal of Power Electronics,2014,14(5):946 ~ 956.

  • Conference Proceedings

  1. Y. Sun,J. Zhao,Z. Ji.An improved CPS-PWM method for cascaded multilevel STATCOM under unequal losses.39th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society(IECON),Vienna,Austria,2013.

  2. Y. Sun,J. Zhao,Z. Ji,X. Yao,Z. Zhu.An improved DC capacitor voltage balancing strategy for PWM cascaded H-bridge converter-based STATCOM.Proceedings of the International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems(PEDS),Kitakyushu,Japan,2013.

  3. D. Li,Y. Sun,J. Zhao,Z. Ji.A modified voltage measurement technique for the PSC-PWM modulated modular multilevel converters using module grouping.IECON 2017-43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society,Beijing,China,2017.

  4. D. Li,Y. Sun,J. Zhao,Z. Ji.Fast Pre-charge Strategy of a Modified MMC with Enhanced DC Fault Ride-through Capability.International Symposium on Industrial Electronics,Scotland,UK,2017.

  5. C. A. Teixeira,Y. Sun,D. G. Holmes,B. P. McGrath.Design and implementation of finite state machine decoders for phase disposition pulse width modulation of modular multilevel converters.IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition,Milwaukee,USA,2016.(EI检索)

  6. Z. Ji,Y. Sun,S. Wang,J. Zhao.Design of a three-phase cascaded Power Electronic Transformer based on energy internet.International Conference on Sustainable Power Generation and Supply,SUPERGEN 2012,Hangzhou,P.R. China,2012.


  1. J. Zhao,Z. Ji,W. Liu,Y. Sun.Method, based on composite modulation, of data transmission between power electronic devices without communication line,2017.09.05,USA,US 9755696B2.

Academic Title

  • Reviewers of IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics

  • IET Power Electronics