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Zhiyong Mo Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Electrical Engineering
Research Interests: 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Additive Manufacture
  • Intelligence Building.

Educational Background:

  • MA, Computer Application, Nanjing University of Technology (2004)
  • BA, Computer Application, Nanjing University (2000)

  Research Projects

  1. Application research of multiple material part manufactured by means of three dimension printing based od FDM, University Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, first partner, 2013-2015, project number: 13KJB460011.
  2. Research and manufacture of accessory device for Power electronic experimental device on open platform, University Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, second partner, 04KJD510108,2004.1-2006.12.

  Journal Articles

  1. MO Zhiyong,FENG Chunmei,YIN Yalan,BAI Yingjie,YUAN Yao,CHEN Jin,Application research on Multiple Material Modeling Based on FDM Technique[J], Machine Building & Automation, 2016,(3):136-138,145.
  2. Mo zhiyong, Zhao fusheng, Wu xuehong,Research and practice of virtual reality experiment of intelligence power grid, Work research of university laboratory, 2014,(4):59-62.
  3. Mo Zhiyong,Zhang Weigong, Ji Tongzhou,Dynamic Loading of Vehicle Testing Bed Based on Model Reference Control, China Mechanical Engineering, 2010,21(7):877-881.
  4. MO Zhi-yong, ZHANG Wei-gong , JI Tong-zhou , FANG Dong, Advanced Vehicle Testing System Based on Direct Torque Control, Electric Drive,2009,39(11):7-10.
  5. MO Zhi-yong, ZHANG Wei-gong, JI Tong-zhou, Electrical simulation of vehicle mechanical inertia, Journal of Chinese Inertial Technology,2009,17(1):123-126.


  • A kind of material continue pump supply system of three dimension architecture printing, Mo zhiyong, Bai yingjie, Chen li, Chen jin, Utility Model Patent, ZL201620157654.X, 2016.

 Honors and Awards

  • Research and practice of simulating experiment system of intelligence building, Teaching outstanding achievement award of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, grade two, third position of total five.