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Zongan Li Lecturer

Research Interests: 
  • 3D printing
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Bio manufacturing

Educational Background

  • PhD, Instrument Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, (2015)

  • BA, Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing University of Science & Technology, (2009)


Research Projects

  1. Technological Development Project: Modeling and visualization software development for the human brain organ, Participant, 2016/12-2017/12, (160 000 RMB)

  2. Technological Development Project: Development and integration of digital packaging based on 3D printing, Director, 2017/12-2018/12, (550 000 RMB)

  3. Post doctor research fund of Jiangsu province: The research of forming mechanism for 3D microfluidic chips based on 3D printing, Director, 2016/10-2017/3, (50 000 RMB)

  4. Jiangsu transformation of scientific achievements Program: The key technologies researching and industrialization of precision mould for glass products based on laser 3D printing, Participant, 2016/8-2019/9, (10 000 000 RMB)

  5. Jiangsu Key Technology RD Program: Development of key technologies and complete sets of equipment for 3D printing of Hip Prosthesis System toward precision medicine, Participant, 2016/08-2019/08, (7 400 000 RMB)

  6. National Nature Science Fund Program: Research on three-dimensional printed CTGF/TGFβ3-releasing multiphase scaffolds for meniscus defect repair, Participant, 2017/10-2020/12, (250 000 RMB) 

  7. National Key Technology RD Program: The software developing for the multi electric arcs cooperated additive manufacturing process designing and controlling system, 2017/12-2021/06 (1 900 000 RMB)

Journal Articles

  1. Li Zongan, Yang Jiquan, Li Kelou, Zhu Li and Tang Wencheng. Fabrication of PDMS microfluidic devices with 3D wax jetting [J]. RSC Advances, 2017, 7(6): 3313-3320. (SCI)
  2. Li Zongan, Jiquan Yang, Li Zhu, Wencheng Tang. Fabrication of paper micro-devices with wax jetting, RSC Advances, 2016,6:17921-17928.
  3. Li Zongan, Yang Jiquan, Wang Qiong, Shi Jianping, Zhu Liya, Xu Rongjian, and Tang Wencheng. Processing and 3D printing of Gradient Heterogeneous Bio-model Based on Computer Tomography Images[J]. IEEE Access, 2016, 4: 8814-8822.
  4. Li Zongan, Hou Liya, Zhang Weiyi, Zhu Li. Preparation of PDMS microfliudic devices based on drop-on-demand generating of wax molds,Analytical Methods,2014,6(12):4716-4722.
  5. Li Zongan, Hou Liya, Zhang Weiyi, Zhu Li, Preparation of paper based micro-fluidic devices used in Bio-assay based on drop-on-demand wax droplet generation, Analytical Methods, 2014, 6(3): 878-885.
  6. Jinjian Huang, Jianan Ren, Gefei Wang, Zongan Li, Xiuwen Wu, Huajian Ren and Song Liu. 3D-printed “fistula stent” designed for management of enterocutaneous fistula: An advanced strategy, World journal of gastroenterology, 2017, 23(41): 7489-7494.
  7. Shi Jianping, Yang Jiquan, Zhu Liya, Li Kelolu, Li Zongan and Wang Xingsong. A porous scaffold design method for bone tissue engineering using triply periodic minimal surfaces. IEEE Access, 2017, 99: 1-7.
  8. Shi, Jianping, Zhu Liya, Li Zongan, Yang Jiquan and Wang Xinsong. A design and fabrication method for a heterogeneous model of 3D bio-printing, IEEE Access, 2017, 5: 5347-5353.
  9. (4) Yang Lijun, Zhu Li, Li Zongan, and Lu Baochun. Fabrication of PDMS microfluidic chips used in rapid diagnosis by micro jetting[J]. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016: 1-14.
  10. Xiaoyang Zhu,Li Zhu,Hejuan Chen,Li Zongan,Weiyi Zhang,Fabrication of high numerical aperture micro-lens array based on drop-on-demand generating of water-based molds,Optics and Laser Technology,2015,68(1):23-27.
  11. Li Zongan,Hou Liya,Zhang Weiyi,Zhu Li,A New Fabrication Method for Paper-Based Microfluidic Device Used in Bio-assay,roceeding of 14th Annual Conference and the 3rd International Conference of the Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology,2012.11.4-2012.11.7.


  1. A fabrication method for the high numerical aperture curved micro lens, Chinese Patent, 201410122427.9,2015.09

  2. A fabrication method for the PDMS microfluidic chips, Chinese Patent, 201410149225.3,2015.05

  3. A glass micro nozzle fabricating instrument integrating pulling and forging process, Chinese Patent, 201210123632.8,2014.05

  4. A 3D printing instrument for the degraded vessel stent, Chinese Patent,201621140452.0,2016.12

  5. A Bio 3D printing instrument, Chinese Patent,201620336075.1,2016.12

  6. A 3D printing instrument for the PCL based composed material,  Chinese Patent,201621309682.5,2016.12

Academic Title

  • Member of Nanjing 3D printing Society
  • Member of Nanjing Inertial Technology Society
  • Member of Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Society