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Analysis of the Relationship between Force and Freedom in School Physical Education

Analysis of the Relationship between Force and Freedom in School Physical Education

ZHAO Fu-xue, CHENG Chuan-yin

CHINA SPORTS SCIENCE   Vol. 36No. 389-952016


Abstract: The relationship of forced and freedom in school physical education is a pair of contradictory relations in prevalence,it is important that we understand and master the influence on the boundary and limit the realization of the school sports value and meaning. We make detailed interpretation for the characteristics and the nature of freedom and force on the basis of carding and analysis literature review. The result shows that the contradictory relation of mandatory and free of conflicts in the physical education which expressed in social standard and individable standard,purpose and means,stipulation and flexibility. It was guided and standardized the operating mechanism physical education of school system of relevant laws on the top edge design or improvement of methods,we can make the responsibly and forced to remain in scope. In order to make us more clear mission and responsibilities of school sports,it is necessary that we through reasonably free boundaries,follow the students' physical and mental development characteristics and rules of school physical education,promote students  in sports  activities  to develop independent personality qualities and creative spirit of freedom,it is benefit to build a good physical education order of school in accordance with the national will and students' body and mind development.

Key words: school physical education; force; freedom; school physical education