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Electrical Equipment & Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Laboratory , Jiangsu Province

Director:  Yang Zhao

Professional in Introduction

The Electrical Equipment & Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering Laboratory of Jiangsu Province ,previously the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory of  Nanjing Normal Univesity  which was originally founded in 2005 , was approved and established in 2012 by The Jangsu Province Development and Reform Commission . The main task of the LAB is to on the one hand integrate characteristic research results in automobile electronics and power systems to Strive to build achievement transformation platform and further combine science and technology with economy to strengthen scientific and technological achievement transformation and industrialization. On the other hand is to provide products and overall EMC solutions in edge areas and push forward the construction of industrial structure adjustments to improve innovation ability . At present ,the lab’s core research consists of three aspects ,which are key technology in EMC detection and inhibition,EMC application in automobile electronics and stability in power generation through renewable energy.

The Lab consists of 3 chambers, which are the chamber of EMI,the chamber of EMS and the chamber of EMC. All three chambers are professional experimental chambers about EMC.

Research Interests:

  1.key technology in EMC detection and inhibition

  2.EMC application in automobile electronics

  3.stability in power generation through renewable energy.

Major Achievements in Recent Five Years:


  • Research on the key technologies of electromagnetic environment monitoring and control Environmental protection science and Technology Award

    third prize


  • Research on key technology of safe operation and monitoring of electrical equipment 2012 annual Jiangsu science and Technology Award

     third prize



  • The radiated EMI noise modeling and features analysis on the basis of Smart Grid Equipments

    Journal: Proc. of the 2014 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC Europe 2014), Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1-4,     2014

    Author: Zhao Yang, Liu Yong, Li Shijin, Yan Wei, Qiu Xiaohui, Chen Xueli, Yan Jingrui 

  • Economic Integration Based Solution for EMI Noise in Switched Reluctance Motor Drive

    Journal:IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, 2012; 48 (2): 859

    Author :Chen, H; Iu, HHC; Zhao, Y

  • Error analysis in conductive electromagnetic interference noise source impedance extraction: A simulation and experimental study

    Journal:International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, v 49, n 3, p 347-361, November 3, 2015

    Author:Zhao, Yang; Deng, Yiming; Yan, Wei; Qiu, Xiaohui; Liu, Yong


  • Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu province (provincial natural fund)

     Project  name:Development of intelligent analysis and processing system for radiation infection source of PCB circuit


     Project leader: Yang  Zhao

  • Sponsored by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province

    Project  name:Technology and popularization of EMI noise analyzer for new energy inverter


    Project leader: Yang  Zhao