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Institute of Information & Control Engineering

Director: Weixing Qian


The Institute of Information and Control Engineering Technology of Nanjing Normal University was established in March, 2002, and was approved as a key research institute in November, 2006. Aiming at the international frontier and new technology, the research institute has made great efforts to carry out cross-disciplinary research on control, manufacturing, materials and energy. It has formed four research directions: nonlinear system control, intelligent manufacturing control technology, navigation positioning and information fusion, and intelligent system and machine learning. At present, the research institute has 26 members, including 7 professors, 15 associate professors and 4 lecturers; 3 cultivation objects of "333 Project" in Jiangsu Province, 3 cultivation objects of "Qinglan Project" in Jiangsu Province, 4 cultivation objects and 1 team of innovative talents of "six talent peaks" in Jiangsu Province,.

During the past five years, the Institute has undertaken 27.574 million Yuan in national and provincial research funds, as well as 6.631 million Yuan in enterprise research funds. As research progress, the members of the institute has published totally more than 100 papers in academic journals, obtained 10 and 20 authorized patents for invention and utility model respectively, as well as 13 software copyrights and 6 textbooks. The progress of“key technology of 3D printing design and manufacture, as well as its industrial application”has obtained second prize in science and technology of Jiangsu Province. The academic level and science research ability of the institute is on the cutting edge during similar domestic scientific research institutions, and keeps the front in Jiangsu province.

In conclusion,the Institute of Information and Control Engineering Technology is a scientific research team with high ideological quality, reasonable structures of age and professional qualification, international vision and innovative spirit.