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Rules and Competition: A Study on the Paradigm of School Physical Education Games

Rules and Competition: A Study on the Paradigm of School Physical Education Games

WANG Li-Guo, CHENG Chuang-yin

CHINA SPORTS SCIENCE Vol. 36No. 113-112016

Abstract: From the point of the game to understand the physical education,rules and competition is the relationship between the general category,the understanding of the two,understanding and reasonable use of the physical education to play a variety of roles and functions of the effective play. Through the method of literature review,logical analysis and other methods of physical education game paradigm rules and competition,this relationship category manifestations in school physical education and how to develop its function of educating people were described in detail. The result shows that: 1) Paradigm of the game rules and competition in school sports emphasizes group value and individual value,means and purpose,compulsory and free,mutual restraint,mutual promotion,and it is an activity of the two aspects of five level.2) Its function of educating people is in the game rules and competition to achieve the promotion of human psychological ability,physical development,socialization construction,the establishment of moral and the promotion of people's freedom. According to different age groups and different activities to reasonable regulation game paradigm of rules and competition,in the choice of different levels and different purposes of reasonable play a variety of school physical education function.

Key words: School physical education; game; rule; competition; human development