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Academic Events

Acadamic Events | 2020 Online Commencement for Graduate Students

Graduation is one of the most exciting times in a student’s life. It is when graduates accomplish their mission in school and head off into the next phase in their life. But this year, the global pandemic of COVID-19 has made it impossible for the anticipated celebrations to take place like they normally would.

Yet, despite the hardship and uncertainty, NNU found creative ways to connect all their graduate students. On June 20, 2020, the online commencement ceremony for the Class of 2020 graduate students was held on media platforms Bilibili and Tik Tok, where students gathered virtually from all over the country for this wonderful occasion.

The online commencement ceremony was divided into two parts. In the opening part, President Guoxiang Chen extended his warmest congratulations to all the graduate students of the class of 2020 and his sincere thanks to all the teachers, mentors and families for their help and care.

In addition, President Chen shared and underlined some key points under the theme of “be a warm person for a warmer life” for all graduates to keep in mind during such a special period. Key point one: cherishing lives. President Chen expected that all graduates can live a life of virtue where they can practice the school motto of NNU by cherishing lives and protecting nature. Key point two: chasing after goals. Aim high and constantly make strides toward a better self. Key point three: persevering in ordinary life. No matter what job graduates are planning to do, President Chen hoped that they could play their part completely and make a relentless effort to make an extraordinary life out of an ordinary one. Key point four: enriching the soul. Life is a long and fruitful journey where along the path graduates were encouraged to transform every experience into nourishment for the soul and create a better future with a bright, grateful and determined heart.

The sudden pandemic made the Class of 2020 a special class of graduates. The graduates of NNU, though on different paths that might take them all over the world, whether at home or abroad, representatives from their class via video extended their blessings, gratitude and thousands of feelings towards NNU. Even though we couldn’t meet face to face, we share the same spirit as all NNUers. We still have a long way to go and again we shall meet again in the future.

He Huang, the representative of the graduate supervisors as well as the dean of the School of Food Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering, exhorted that students should seize new opportunities even in the midst of difficult challenges, and create warmth in coldness. At the same time, be brave enough to undertake the responsibility of the nation in this era. The students, while still young, should do what you find most meaningful.

Hongbo Shang, deputy secretary of NNU Committee of the CPC, hosted the ceremony. Kangsheng Fu, vice president of NNU, announced the Degree Conferring Decision, Decision to Commend Outstanding Graduate Students and Principal Scholarship Recipients List. Vice President Jiusheng Li awarded the certificates of honour to the representatives of outstanding graduates. President Guoxiang Chen then conferred degrees on the representatives.

At the end, the representatives of all the schools recited Looking Forward to Meet Again, and the commencement concluded in the warm atmosphere of taking a group photo of the teachers and students.

In the Online Graduation Celebration part, namely the second stage of the commencement, pictures of postgraduates in academic caps and gowns from all the schools were presented. 3,522 graduate degrees were conferred, 4.5 hours of live commencement and best wishes from 33,000 persons were all collected and treasured in memory of this moment in time. 

Finally, the top ten singers of NNU brought us three songs, Once You Were YoungCheersand South of NNU, to give the best wishes to the Class of 2020 for a promising future.

For all graduates, the journey to graduation day did not come without challenges, determination, grit and perseverance but they made it and they proved themselves. Congratulations to the new graduates of the class of 2020 graduate students . Best of success in your future endeavors!