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Acadamic Events | NNU attends 2020 Nanjing Innovation Week series

On June 22, 2020 Nanjing Innovation Week kicked off at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Jiusheng Li, a member of the Standing Committee of NNU's Party Committee and vice president of NNU, attended a series of activities during Innovation Week and delivered a speech at the theme event of the T20 Open Cooperation (Nanjing) Forum.

The T20 Open Cooperation (Nanjing) Forum is divided into four sections: "Open New Nanjing", "Magnificent Circle of Friends", "New Impetus of Development" and "New Style of the Times". The achievements of the cooperation between Nanjing and T20 countries are shown through video display, speeches by leaders and guests, on-site communication, cooperation project signing and in other ways. Guests of this forum included consuls of T20 countries in China, heads of T20 national investment institutions and business associations in China, economic and trade representatives of Jiangsu Province in T20 countries, representatives of the Nanjing University Overseas Alumni Association in T20, and heads of some well-known multinational companies' headquartered in China, etc.

As a representative of all universities in Nanjing, Jiusheng Li made a speech in the section "New Impetus of Development". The keynotes of his speech were: University and City; University Prospers Because of the City; City Prospers Because of the University; Innovation and Development; University and City Work Together to Innovate; and University and City Work Together to Develop. Starting from the theme of this forum, "understanding urban innovation", he elaborated on the role universities play in urban innovation. To build Nanjing into an innovative city and to turn Nanjing universities into innovative universities, both sides need to work together closely to have integrated development. Universities in Nanjing need to actively respond to the strategic layout of developing an alumni economy and building a "Silicon lane" in Nanjing, so as to truly achieve a win-win situation with the city. The T20 Open Cooperation (Nanjing) Forum has set up an open-cooperative, open-innovative, open-sharing dialogue and exchange platform for cities, universities and enterprises, which will surely help Nanjing and universities in Nanjing to enhance the degree of open cooperation and enhance the influence of innovation.

Representatives of NNU’s Development Committee made a video speech on behalf of all universities in Nanjing named "developing an alumni economy and helping in the construction of a Nanjing innovation city".

The 2020 Nanjing Innovation Week focused on "high-value innovation, high-quality development and high-quality life", anchors "normalization of epidemic prevention and control + networking of innovation and development", connecting domestic and overseas markets, inspires boundless ideas and creates an Innovation Week with ideas, sensitivity and effectiveness. In order to consolidate and expand the achievements of innovation cooperation with T20 countries, continuously deepen cooperation in key fields, and push forward the progress of a number of cooperation projects, Innovation Week launched a series of activities around the main line of T20 cooperation. The T20 Open Cooperation (Nanjing) Forum, led by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, will focus on the development vision of "innovative famous city, beautiful ancient capital", actively promote the exploration of new mechanisms of open cooperation between Nanjing and the T20 national innovative cities, pursue new methods of innovative cooperation and mobilize the enthusiasm of scientific research institutions, universities, enterprises and social groups at home and abroad to participate in developing Nanjing into an innovative famous city, so as to build a "strong economy, prosperous living, beautiful environment and more civilized" new Nanjing.