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Academic Events

Acadamic Report | Concentrated solar energy photothermal catalytic hydrogen production

At the invitation of School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, distinguished researcher Sun Jie from School of Chemical Engineering, Xi 'an Jiaotong University visited School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing Normal University. At 1:30 p.m. on December 8th, Sun Jie, a researcher, had a discussion with Professor Zhao Chuanwen and other young teachers of our college in the meeting room of Houde Building, and gave a wonderful academic report entitled "Concentrated Solar energy photothermal catalytic hydrogen production" in room 210 of Xuesi Building at 3 p.m. The academic report was presided by Professor Yang Hongmin, deputy dean of School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering. Associate Professor Zhang Jubing, Associate professor of School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering and other young teachers and graduate students attended the academic report meeting.

Sun Jie first gave a brief introduction to his team, which is mainly engaged in three research directions: interface energy transfer mechanism, full spectrum efficient utilization of solar energy, and key technologies of solar thermal utilization and complementary integration. Aiming at the photothermal co-catalysis of concentrated solar energy for hydrogen production, Sun Jie introduced the development prospect of photothermal co-catalysis for hydrogen production from the current status of hydrogen production and the full spectrum utilization of solar energy. The "superlinear catalysis" discovered by his team in the process of photothermal catalytic decomposition of water for hydrogen production was introduced and the mechanism was explained. Then, in the context of environmental governance and space life support, Sun Jie introduced his team's new research on the photothermal co-catalysis of urea solution to produce hydrogen, and introduced and explained the discovery of copper monatomic catalysis in the reaction system.

Researcher Sun Jie's academic report is rich in content and clear in thinking, which brings great inspiration to the interdisciplinary research on new energy utilization and energy chemical industry. In the exchange and discussion, the teachers and students at the site spoke up enthusiastically, discussing the preparation of catalysts, the use of full spectrum, the mechanism of superlinear catalytic hydrogen production and other issues. Researcher Sun Jie patiently explained his doubts, which benefited the teachers and students present. Finally, Professor Yang Hongmin made an important comment on the academic report.