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Academic Events

Academic Event |Jie Lu, Prestigious Educator, Dies at 90

Jie Lu, Nanjing Normal University professor and doctoral supervisor of principle of pedagogy, a famous scholar of moral education and moral education in life, died Dec 25th in Nanjing. She was 90. 

Professor Jie Lu was honored with the National Young and Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions, the National Advanced Worker, the Outstanding Social Scientist in China, the National Award for Outstanding Achievement in Educational Scientific Research, etc. In the eighth curriculum reform, she presided over the research and development of the curriculum standards of "Moral Character and Life" and "Moral Character and Society" in primary school, and served as the chief editor of the national textbook Morality and Rule of Law. The project titled "Primary School Moral Education Curriculum Reform and Practice Research" won the First Prize of National Teaching Achievement. Professor Jie Lu was noble, open and aboveboard, rigorous in scholarship and profound in learning, devoting all her life in pedagogy.