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Academic Events

Academic Event | Nanjing Normal University holds its 2019 Commencement

Nanjing Normal University (NNU) celebrated commencement day on June 20, 2019 in the NNU Stadium on Xianlin Campus this year. The university community gathered with leaders, related professors and staff, the Class of 2019, their families and friends to witness their achievements and the conferring of their degrees.

Here are some highlights of the commencement day:

Success is to be the best version of yourself.
NNU president Guoxiang Chen gave a speech titled “Success is to Be the Best Version of Yourself”. Firstly, on behalf of the university, he congratulated all the PhD and master’s degree awardees, affirmed their achievements, and set new expectations for the future, encouraging everyone to be the best version of themselves by highlighting the stories of four alumni. He mentioned that the following four suggestions can help them to be the best version of yourself and each story of about an alumnus or alumna carried one suggestion. The suggestions are as follows: Set goals for your lives. Never forget why you started. Make the most of your strengths. Be passionate about growth.


Curiosity, perseverance, and gratitude
Yan Jiang, who graduated with a PhD from the School of Education Science, shared her touching memories at NNU with us. “I want to share three key words that I learned here with you, they are curiosity, perseverance, and gratitude. First, curiosity is a prerequisite for scientific research. Second, perseverance gives us the strength to face difficulties so that we can reap the rewards and create happiness from them. Third, my gratitude goes to NNU for its strong academic atmosphere, the supervisor for inculcation and the parents for their love and care,” she said.


It was worth it.
Na Lin, an international student from Nigeria told us her story of being at NNU. Two years ago, she came to Nanjing to study Chinese against her family’s wishes. However, she said that “I persisted, and it was worth it. I will miss everything at NNU, the trees, flowers, snows... and every day I spent with my peers. Also, I will continue to stay and work in China to better my Chinese.”


Be unique, cooperative and keep healthy.
Chuanbin Ni, professor and PhD supervisor in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, gave three pieces of advice to all the students. “Be unique. Everyone has a special talent for something. Be cooperative. Many hands make light work. A sense of cooperation can help us achieve better scientific results. Keep healthy. No health, no success. You have to keep healthy to make a difference in life.”