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Academic Events

Academic Event | Secretary Minqiang Hu Visited Relevant Universities and Enterprises in Greece and Hungary with NNU delegation

Minqiang Hu, Secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC, together with his colleagues, visited Greece and Hungary from July, 3rd to July, 10th , 2019 and signed a cooperative agreement with Greek colleges and universities for the first time. NNU paid the visit in accordance with the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and took this opportunity to strengthen educational communication and cooperation with these European universities, develop new collaborative projects and befriend more universities.


Minqiang Hu and the delegation visited University of Thessaly and Piraeus Port Authority S.A. in Greece. He had a discussion with Zissis Mamouris, rector of the University of Thessaly, and Professor Ioanna Laliotou, vice rector of the University of Thessaly, on establishing a cooperative relationship between the two universities and carrying out exchange among students and teachers. The two parties signed a bilateral memorandum of cooperation and decided to launch the project as soon as possible. In order to respond and implement the “Belt and Road Initiative” established between the governments of Greece and China, and make the best of the universities’ function in international talent cultivation, the delegation visited the Piraeus Port Authority S.A.. Minqiang Hu had a talk with Lin Weng, vice president of Piraeus Port Authority S.A., and Taoran Xu, the chief executive officer, on the cooperative project between university and enterprise and the overseas student joint training issue in order to meet the demand of the enterprise for local talent and undertake the responsibility to serve society.

The delegation also paid a visit to the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Hellenic Republic. Ambassador Qiyue Zhang met them. Minqaing Hu suggested that Nanjing Normal University actively supported the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and wanted to enlarge and strengthen the educational exchange and cooperation with universities and colleges in European countries like Greece. He gave a report about their visit to a Greek university and an enterprise, and listened to the embassy’s suggestion regarding educational exchange and cooperation with Greece. Ambassador Zhang suggested that Greece is one of the most important supporting countries in implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” and has become a full member of the China-East Europe cooperation. Greece is positively advancing educational system reform to further enhance the internationalization of the Greek universities and colleges. Ambassador Zhang recognized the efforts that NNU made in participating in the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and she hoped NNU can take the opportunity to deepen communication and cooperation with Greece and contribute more to bilateral people-to-people exchanges.

After their journey in Greece, Minqiang Hu and the colleagues went to Eötvös Loránd  University in Hungary. The delegation talked with Ferenc TAKÓ, PhD Head of the International Strategy Office Rector’s Cabinet of Eötvös Loránd University, and they exchanged opinions about the possibility of bilateral cooperation. The NNU delegation extended a warm welcome to the 4 graduates from Eötvös Loránd University coming to NNU in the fall.

Leaders from the Office of the Party Committee, the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, the Audit Office, the Institute of Science and Technology and other departments of NNU were all members of the NNU delegation to Europe.