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Academic Events

Academic Event | The 18th graduation ceremony of the Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program was held in Nanjing

Co-sponsored by the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), the Center for International Education Exchange (CCIEE) and the American Association of State Universities and Colleges (AASCU) and undertaken by Nanjing Normal University, the 18th graduation ceremony of the Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program was held in Nanjing on June 22, 2021.

Yougen Yu, deputy secretary general of CEAIE, Yixian Ru, deputy director of the Foreign Cooperation and Exchange Office of the Jiangsu Education Department, Guoxiang Chen and Lixin Tian, president and vice president of Nanjing Normal University all attended the event. Terry Brown, vice president of the AASCU, and James Schmidt, chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire delivered speeches online

Yougen Yu expressed his appreciation for the performance of the graduates during the epidemic. Yu pointed out that the "1+2+1 Program" cultivates talent jointly by colleges and universities in China and the United States. So, it is necessary for the students to integrate their personal pursuits into the country's development plan and to promote Sino-US exchanges and friendship

Terry Brown expressed his gratitude to the leaders of the Chinese universities for their support during the epidemic, praised the achievements of the graduates and thanked parents for their trust. At the same time, he said that colleges and universities of the AASCU are at an all-time ready state to take care of the Chinese students in US

Yixian Ru, fully affirmed the fruitful achievements of the program in the field of educational exchanges and cooperation and hoped that the colleges and universities would continue to promote their cooperation, expand the breadth and depth of bilateral cooperation, and build an all-round quality assurance system. He also expected that students will have the courage to face new challenges and write wonderful chapters of their life with an industrious and pragmatic attitude.

President Guoxiang Chen pointed out that the graduates of the class of 2021 were admirable as they all encountered unprecedented difficulties and challenges during their study in the United States. All the students overcame difficulties with courage and wisdom. Therefore, Chen compared the graduates to what was manifested in Homer's epic The Odyssey, which is a testament to the excellent quality and ability of these students

James Schmidt said that the students will be able to face up to the challenges in their future lives because they are bilingual, have an international vision, and understand the cultures and education systems of the two countries. The Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program is the good choice for students for this purpose.

Leaders and representatives from 35 Chinese universities and 19 American colleges and universities, AASCU, and the parents of graduates jointly witnessed the 18th double degree awarding ceremony of the 1+2+1 Program.

The leaders of more than 50 Chinese and American universities issued degrees to 213 graduates who attended the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Professor Lixin Tian, vice president of NNU. Yan Wei, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office of NNU, read the roll of graduates. Kai Yin, director of CCIEE, presented the Outstanding Graduate certificate to the representatives. There are 489 graduates in this program, 258 of whom won the title of Outstanding Graduates. NNU has a total of 14 graduates of the class of 2021, all of whom have been honored as excellent graduates. Yezhen Ma, NNU / Salem State University 1+2+1 program, and Zhenkai Xia, Jiangsu University / Northern Arizona University delivered speeches at the ceremony as representatives of the outstanding graduates. 

Since 2001, when the program was implemented, more than 6,000 students have been cultivated, with more than 50% of the graduates having an excellent academic performance with a GPA of 3.5 or above. The students have been very promising. Some of them hold important posts in the world's top 500 enterprises and some of them have chosen to study further in the world's finest universities. According to incomplete statistics of graduates in the past five years, more than 70% of the graduates have gone on to further their studies after graduation, studying in master's programs or master-PHD programs, and the success rate of graduates applying for and being accepted into the top 200 universities in the world, is higher than 90%.

At present, the Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program has developed into a platform for the cooperation and exchange between Chinese and American higher educational institutions, with the largest number of participating universities, the longest duration and the widest scope of cooperation. It has set up a successful model of cooperation and communication in higher education of the two countries, being included as having a positive outcome, from its inception, in the China-US High-level Consultation on People-to-People Exchanges list.