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Academic Events

Academic Events | NNU 2019 Commencement for undergraduates

On the morning of June 20th, Nanjing Normal University’s 2019 Commencement was held on the Xianlin Campus. Minqiang Hu, the secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC, Guoxiang Chen, the president and the deputy secretary of the NNU Committee of the CPC, all other university leaders on the campus, representatives from the NNU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, leaders from all departments and schools, teacher representatives, student advisers of the Class of 2019, alumni representatives, some parents of undergraduates and all the students of the Class of 2019 attended the commencement. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. On this special occasion, all teachers, students, parents and guests present expressed their deep affection and best wishes for China with the singing of My Motherland and Me. The commencement was chaired by Youlian Sun, the vice president and a member of the Standing Committee of the NNU Party Committee.

The commencement ceremony began at 8 a.m. in the morning in the Xianlin stadium, with school leaders and representatives from the NNU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee and students present. The flag-bearers from the 27 schools of the university went on the stage, waving their school flags and were greeted with warm applause. After that, sincere blessings by the deans from the 27 schools were extended to graduates through a video clip.

The ceremony started officially with the national anthem. President Guoxiang Chen delivered a speech titled “Hard Work Makes for a Fulfilled Life” to give advice and express his blessings to all the graduates. He recalled all the remarkable achievements of the Class of 2019 during their four years of college as well as those of NNU in recent years. In his farewell message President Chen made it clear that graduation marks the end of the college years but in the meantime the starting point for a new chapter of life.


He noted that the happiest thing in the world is to strive for the ideal, to devote the greatest enthusiasm and time to things that one is truly longing for, and it is in the process of struggling that the purest happiness can be found. He highlighted that he who ceases to struggle ceases to live. We should weave the fighting spirit into our everyday life and live a fulfilled life. He also hoped that students will be able to overcome difficulties with a relentless will and forge ahead firmly since behind every successful person there's a lot of unsuccessful years. He reminded everyone that struggling is never for sophisticated egoism but the aspiration to devote oneself to serving the trends of the times. So he hoped students will be able to shoulder the responsibilities of the times and make contributions to the rejuvenation of our country in the process of their own struggles and to write a marvelous chapter of their own life in the new historical era. At last, Guoxiang Chen concluded affectionately that although all the graduates are about to leave the campus, NNU will always be a warm home embedded with their struggling college days and their dreams wherever they go. NNU will always open its arms and embrace its students with deep love and looks forward to their homecoming.


Yi Qian from the Honors College, Liying Liu from the School of Physics and Technology, Zhiqiang Gu from the School of Life Sciences and Lina Ma from the International College for Chinese Studies gave speeches, respectively, as student representatives. Yi Qian has been admitted into Harvard University and will be pursuing a J. D. this year. As she is preparing for her later study, she shared her experiences as a hardworking student at NNU. Liying Liu has been selected as one of the members of the NNU postgraduate voluntary teaching assistance group and is about to start her one-year teaching in the western part of China after graduation. She noted that she will shoulder her due responsibility and dedicate herself to the western part of China at the grassroots level where the country and people there are mostly in need. Lina Ma, an international student from Venezuela, who has learned martial arts for twelve years, said that studying at NNU is a remarkably fruitful experience where she learned Chinese tongue twisters and fell in love with Chinese food. Zhiqiang Gu, with his academic papers published in SCI top journals, shared his learning and life experiences at NNU and expressed his sincere gratitude for the cultivation of at NNU.


Professor She Liu, dean of the School of Fine Arts of at NNU, member of the Jiangsu Provincial Political Consultative Committee and vice chairman of the Jiangsu Artists Association, on behalf of teachers, shared his life as an artist with all the graduates present. He said, “In you, the graduates, I see oozing passion and energy just like the hot summer.” He hoped that students would always maintain an upward momentum, follow the tides of the new era and build a better world with their hands. He encouraged students to cherish the fleeting time and to constantly enrich themselves. He told them that although the college years are winding down, the friendship among students and between students and teachers will last forever, which should be treasured by all graduates. Finally, he hoped that students will be able to overcome any difficulties and obstacles, give full play to their talents, and write a new chapter of life in the new era.


During the ceremony, Vice President Youlian Sun read out the “Decision of Nanjing Normal University on Granting Bachelor's Degree to the Class of 2019 Undergraduates” and the “Notice of Nanjing Normal University on Honoring the 2019 Excellent Undergraduates”. Vice President Jiusheng Li read out the “List of Alumni Liaison Officers of Nanjing Normal University” then Party Secretary Minqiang Hu granted the appointment letters to the alumni liaison officers of the Class of 2019. The ceremony came to a close with graduates presenting flowers to the dedicated NNU faculty including professors, student advisors, head teachers, library workers, community police officers, dormitory supervisors, canteen staff and security staff to extend their sincere gratitude for their hard work and support.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of our country, NNU held “My Motherland and Me” flash mob relay activities in on the Suiyuan Campus, Zijin Campus and Xianlin Campus. At the end of the commencement ceremony all the teachers and students present sang My Motherland and Me together to express their deep affection for our country and to wish great prosperity for the country.

At the bachelor's degree awarding ceremony, school leaders and representatives of from the NNU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee turned their tassels and awarded a diploma certificate to every undergraduate. It is worth mentioning that this year NNU has prepared a “NNU Special Design” bookmark for each undergraduate graduating as a graduation commemorative gift, on which the university’s motto and landmark buildings of NNU are engraved. These bookmarks are not only a commemoration, but also a convey the everlasting care NNU has about its graduates. Upon their departure, the graduates expressed their attachment to the university but also showed their confidence and expectations for the future. Ning Wang from the School of Teacher Education said, “After today’s graduation, I will go to work as a volunteer teacher in Dushan County, Guizhou for a year. I’ll take this as a rewarding after graduation travel time during which I will spread knowledge and hope under the spirit of the university motto and make the voices of our young people be heard by the society with these practical actions.” “Time flies and now I am graduating. I am sincerely grateful for the cultivation provided by NNU and I will move forward with the spirit of the university and pursue my dreams following the trend of the times,” said Huijie Xu from the School of Public Administration. Jing Lu from the School of Fine Arts recalled that she has gained a lot in attending NNU which is a precious treasure for her for a lifetime.

Four years ago, a bunch of young people gathered in Nanjing pursuing their studies and dreams at Nanjing Normal University. During their four years of college at NNU, they have achieved a comprehensive education and benefitted from the profound culture of NNU, and building character and aiming high under the guidance of the university motto “Foster Virtue, Enrich People, Keep Diligent in study and be Prompt in action”. Now, as they are going to embark on a new chapter in the journey of their life, it is highly expected that they can firmly pursue their ideals and make their own contribution to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Congratulations to the class of 2019 and we wish them a bright future and a smooth life!