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Academic Events

Academic Events | NNU, a meaningful word to the graduates

June has come and Nanjing Normal University is celebrating its annual graduation season on campus. Some are sad about leaving, others are hopeful about the future and ready for their next stop in life. In this June’s hot air, NNU graduates talked about their wonderful experiences and feelings during their time learning here.

——NNU made my dream of singing come true
Pingyue Shi, an undergraduate from the School of Chinese Language and Literature

Pingyue Shi on her personal concert

“For me, the place I am going to miss the most at NNU is the dance hall on the west side of the Xianlin campus because my morning voice training is was often done there. Vocal music is the most important thing in my college life besides study and without the dance hall I would not have such things as my personal concert, supported by my institute outside the campus, and been this year’s champion of ‘top ten singers’ on campus. It enabled me to develop my singing hobby. I was so lucky to meet my professional NNU vocal music teacher and many kind singing partners here! I hope I can continue my dream of singing during my coming graduate studies at East China Normal University.”

——NNU provided me with rich knowledge and practical experience
Yueming Ge, an undergraduate from the School of Oceanography

Yueming Ge in Yunnan during voluntary teaching activity

“The basic qualities for the type of work that I want to do have been acquired during my undergraduate studies. Therefore, I have chosen to get a job right after graduation and put my learning into practice. Although my current job has little to do with my major, I do think an undergraduate degree is of great help to me. The pursuit of the degree enabled me to develop my ability of independent study and exploration while learning. These abilities then helped me learn some necessary knowledge and skills quickly. In addition, the school also offered courses on career planning, which provide guidance for students like me who have chosen to go directly into employment. During the summer vacation of my sophomore year, I took part in an NNU voluntary teaching activity in Yunnan. I got in touch with the children there, and my thoughts on many things changed during this process, such as the spirit of volunteerism, what is good volunteer teaching, and what kind of behaviors can be defined as kindness.”

——NNU gave me a chance to meet a good friend
Yongxun Jin, a Korean exchange graduate student from the International College for Chinese Studies
“The university I went to in Korea has an exchange study project of 2+2. I studied in a university in Korea for 2 years and then in NNU for 2 years. After I came to Nanjing in 2017, I made a really good friend. I hung out with him almost every day. I watched the World Cup with him and other friends last year as well. However, after studying in Nanjing for a year and a half, he joined the army last summer. I had been living with him that whole time and he is the most impressive person and my best friend in China. I am going back to Korea to look for a job soon, and I will continue my friendship with him. I also need to get some English, Chinese and computer certificates after I return to South Korea, which will be beneficial for me to find a good job in South Korea.”

——NNU enabled me to have a clear vision for the future
Jing Chen, a graduate student from the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures
“After finishing my graduate study, I am ready to start working. The reason why I did not choose to get a PhD is that I think I may not be suitable for doctoral study. I am not sure that I can make academic achievements in the future, so I did not pursue it in my academic plan from the very beginning. Compared with my undergraduate study, my understanding from my graduate study is that it really takes a lot of time and energy to learn and master a language. Our professor respected us very much. He asked us about our future employment direction and what we wanted to study in graduate school at the beginning of the term. He also gave guidance according to what we wanted to develop. He cared about us very much.”

——NNU helped me have a deeper understanding of Chinese culture
Baicheng Zhang, a Congolese exchange graduate student from the International College for Chinese Studies

Baicheng Zhang on the left

“I've always been interested in Chinese culture and I was deeply impressed by it during my graduate studies at NNU. The history of the silk road, tea and terra-cotta warriors fascinated me the most. After finishing my graduate studies in Congo, I found that I had a strong interest in Chinese culture, so I came to NNU. I have only one word to describe it: charming. I was enthralled by the architecture of the Suiyuan campus and this allowed me to fully appreciate the traditional architectural styles of China during my time learning here. I also want to continue to study Chinese culture in China in the future.”