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Academic Events

Academic Events | NNU's Geographic Information Science major was selected to be a key project for the establishment of the international talent cultivation of leading majors

Recently, the Geographic Information Science (GIS) major in the School of Geography at NNU has been selected and recommended by the university and a review by experts from the Department of Education for international talent cultivation. It stood out from nearly 300 competing programs in the province and has been selected to be in the first batch of a key project for the establishment of the "14th Five-Year" international talent cultivation of leading majors in Jiangsu Province.

The project aims to guide and support universities to carry out plans that include Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, mutual recognition of Chinese and foreign credits, and the joint granting of degrees. On this basis, it will promote front-line teaching and research personnel to participate in international cooperation and exchanges, accelerate the training of high-level international talent with a global perspective, as well as strengthen the recruitment and training of outstanding foreign students. Thus, the international competitiveness of talent, who receive a higher education in Jiangsu Province, will be enhanced.

GIS has an optimized structure of teaching teams with abundant course materials and teaching resources. With two nationally recognized professors and one national-level teaching team, GIS is a department with the most prominent fundamental advantages in curriculum materials and teaching resources in China. Remarkable success has been achieved in fostering integrity and promoting the well-rounded development of its people; meanwhile, outstanding achievements have been made in education and teaching reforms. This major has been selected as one of the first demonstration courses of by the Ministry of Education grounded in ideological and political teaching. GIS is regarded as the only department that has won the National Teaching Achievement Award twice in ten years. According to the 2021 rankings of Network of Science and Education Evaluation, GIS ranks first in China.