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Academic Events

Academic Events | Scottish literature conference held online jointly by the University of Glasgow and NNU

Recently, the Scottish literature conference, jointly held by NNU and the University of Glasgow and organized by the Scottish Studies Center in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures at NNU, was held online.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Tianjun Cheng, vice president of NNU, introduced the history and achievements of NNU and welcomed international experts attending the conference with heartfelt thanks for their support to the development of NNU and the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures.

Meanwhile, Professor Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh, vice president of the University of Glasgow introduced the longstanding partnership between the University of Glasgow and NNU and praised the remarkable achievements the Scottish Studies Center at NNU has made in recent years. What’s more, Professor Yongxiang Wang, dean of the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures at NNU expressed his thanks to all the experts on behalf of the school.

International experts in Scottish studies who gave keynote speeches in the conference include: Professor Gerard Carruthers from the University of Glasgow, Professor Penny Fielding from the University of Edinburgh, Professor Alison Lumsden from the University of Aberdeen, Associate Professor Carla Sassi from the Università di VERONA, Dr. Anna Fancett from the University of Aberdeen, Professor John Corbett from UIC, British novelist Andrew O' Hagan, Professor Jincai Yang from Nanjing University, Professor Zhengshuan Li from Hebei Normal University, Professor Weixin Wang from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, Professor Lan Wang from Shanghai International Studies University, Professor Hongbin Dai from Xiamen University and Professor Hongling Lyu from NNU, etc. In addition, some well-known scholars were also invited to attend the conference as the hosts, including Professor Ning He from Nanjing University, Professor Jian Zhang from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Professor Lianggong Luo from Central China Normal University, Professor Junwei Yao from NNU, Professor Jing Yang from NNU, Professor Bin Cai from Hohai University and Professor Yanyu Zeng from Hunan Normal University.

The experts attending the conference each expressed their unique views on Scottish literature, history, culture, translation, and other aspects, followed by wonderful comments from the host scholars. Later, Professor Gerard Carruthers from the University of Glasgow gave an exclusive interview with Andrew O'Hagen, a contemporary British novelist and contributing editor of the London Review of Books.

At the closing ceremony, concluding remarks were made by the convener, Professor Carla Sassi, of the International Association for the Study of Scottish Literatures (IASSL) and Professor Gerard Carruthers, head of Scottish Literature at the University of Glasgow, who spoke highly of the conference and the high expectations for the prospect of Scottish literature studies. Finally, as the main organizer of the conference, Professor Hongling Lyu, head of the Scottish Studies Center at NNU, expressed her sincere thanks to the all the participants. With full support and enthusiasm of all the experts and scholars, the Scottish literature conference was hailed as a complete success.