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Campus Lfe | Six buildings on the Suiyuan campus were identified as the second batch of historic buildings in Nanjing

To better show the city’s historic charm and strengthen the protection of cultural relics and historic buildings, the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government has recently unveiled “The Protection List of the Second Batch of Historic Buildings in Nanjing” and six buildings located on the Suiyuan campus of Nanjing Normal University are included in the list(see below).

On September 3, 2020, commissioned by the Nanjing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, the Public Housing Management Center of the Nanjing Real Estate Bureau listed the above six historic buildings on site for protection. Jiusheng Li, deputy principal of Nanjing Normal University and deputy director of the Suiyuan Campus Management Committee, attended the ceremony. He said that the ceremony has further promoted the cultural protection and inheritance of the Suiyuan campus and expressed his gratitude to the on-site staff for their hard work.

The Suiyuan campus is home to 14 buildings on the former site of Ginling College, which are preserved under a national key cultural relics protection unit, and now 6 historic more buildings  as well.

Responsible staff from the Suiyuan Campus Office, Logistics Management Office, and Infrastructure Office provided on-site guidance and assistance during the listing and installation of these historic buildings.