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Campus Life| 2020 graduation season for NNU:no goodbyes


In the midst of the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Nanjing Normal University students ushered in another graduation season. They face a lot of separations right now from friends, roommates, dormitories, counsellors, dorm keepers, etc. During this rainy June, let's take a look at what's happening on Nanjing Normal University's campus.


Graduate Yuxin Tuo on the left with her roommates

Four years of college time has entered the final countdown, and the moment to separate quietly has arrived. Many graduates want to say goodbye to their roommates, teachers and classmates. Due to the pandemic, some graduates chose not to return to school, but in order to take a photo with the people they cherished on campus, they chose to come back at this time. When asked about her feeling about graduation pictures, Yuxin Tuo replied “It is very regrettable that I may not have the opportunity to have a graduation photo of the whole class this year, but I really want to use my camera to record my feelings and the campus that I love. Though the baccalaureate gown is not so beautiful, it's an unforgettable experience to take a picture while wearing it with the people who strive with you, who love you and who you cherish.”


Graduate Yueqi Yu is on her way to mailing her personal belongings home

As the graduation season approaches, a subtle and carefully orchestrated dance is taking place on NNU’s Xianlin Campus: the slow exodus of about 4,000 students from university dormitories. Adequate free moving boxes and packing materials are available at the entry of all student dorms. Yueqi Yu, a graduate from the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, will start her master’s journey at NUS in July. She returned to Xianlin campus on April 21, 2020 to pack up and mail her 4-years of memories home. “No goodbyes! Even though graduation is almost imperceptible this year, we’ll keep the special memories forever: showing our health QR code, having body temperatures taken under the guidance of university staff or student volunteers...and of course special moments with the friends I’ve made during these 4 years. Keep calm and carry on!”


School Counselor Jian Cai, on the left

Final-year students are understandably experiencing a lot of panic and uncertainty when it comes to their employment prospects, as they will be graduating during the coronavirus pandemic. Like all school counselors at NNU, Jian Cai, a counselor in the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, started making more calls at the beginning of the winter holiday to give tips and psychological assistance to the soon to be graduates. She suggested that graduates should manage their mental health no matter if at home or back at school. Although companies in some sectors aren’t hiring, graduates shouldn’t lose hope. “Graduates need a proper plan. They need to do more research and try to unearth opportunities with these companies because they might not be advertising widely,” said Cai. As some job interviews have gone online, graduates should also get tips tailored to the online interview to boost their self-confidence. Moreover, the outbreak raises the awareness of the uncertainty facing the future graduates. For them, it’s vital to be well-prepared for unknown challenges. 


the dorm keeper of the dormitory building No.11


Shy sweetness of meeting, the same distressful tears of farewell. The last thing to do before leaving the campus is to pack your bags and hand over the key to the dorm keeper. Take dormitory building No. 11 for example, the dorm keepers send away graduates from no more than six colleges. Because of the epidemic, our dormitory station has also provided a lot of help for the graduates this year, such as urgent check-out procedures for the graduates returning to school temporarily, public space on the first floor for their packing and mailing boxes, etc. When asked about the feeling of saying goodbye to the graduates, a dormitory keeper said, “To be honest, I am reluctant to say goodbye, especially to those girls who talked and shared their daily experiences with me. I treated them as if they were my own children. We have really spent a lot of memorable times together.”