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Academic Events

Proud for Our School and the Graduates in 2016

Recently, "Nanjing Normal university 2016 session of the employment quality of the annual report" by a third party investigation agencies was released.

In which, a number of indexes of our school in the whole schools holds a leading role, with 3 ranked first, ranking the first.

1. In the undergraduate education teaching evaluation, the score of teacher teaching attitude, teaching level and extracurricular communication is 4.54, 4.53 and 4.49 specifically.

2. The score of undergraduate students for the practice teaching link satisfaction is as 4.51, ranking the first.

3. The score of undergraduate students for education & teaching satisfaction is as 4.55, ranking the first.

Above data in a report and ranking, fully shows that students appearing highly recognized on the teaching of school teachers, practice teaching and education, proud of our school, and proud of graduates in 2016!