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Jianfei Xi Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics
Research Interests: 
  • Combustion Theory and Technology
  • Dust removal theory and technology
  • Pollution Control
  • Numerical simulation of combustion

Educational Background


  • PhD, Thermal Engineering, Zhejiang University (2010.09-2015.06)
  • BA, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Southeast University, (2006.09-2010.06)

Research Projects

  • Research on the effects of H2/CO on soot formation in diffusion flames of hydrocarbon fuels in high pressure environment. (2018.01-2020.12)
  • Research and development of high temperature dust removal technology based on dust precharge and electrostatic enhanced granular bed. (2019.01-2020.12)
    Study on the mechanism of syngas dilution diffusion combustion and chemical reaction. (2016.09-2018.08)

Journal Articles

  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Weijuan Yang, Yang Wang, Wen Ao, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen. Thermomechanical Analysis of Boron Particle Combustion in Oxidizing Atmospheres. Journal of Solid Rocket Technology. 2012, 35(1): 73-78. (EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Heping Li, Yang Wang, Yanwei Zhang, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen. Progress in Methods of Promoting the Ignition and Combustion of Boron Particles. Chinese Journal of Energetic Materials. 2013, 21(4): 533-538. (EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Yourui Hu, Yang Wang, Yanwei Zhang, Junhu Zhou. A Study for Coating Boron Particles with Two-Solvent Method and its Process Parameters. Journal of Propulsion Technology. 2013, 34(7): 984-990. (EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Yang Wang, Heping Li, Yanwei Zhang, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen. Effects of coating agents on the ignition and combustion of boron particles. Journal of Solid Rocket Technology. 2013. 36(5): 654-665. (EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Yang Wang, Yourui Hu, Yanwei Zhang, Junhu Zhou. Metal Oxides as Catalysts for Boron Oxidation. Journal of Propulsion and Power. 2014, 30(1): 47-53. (SCI, EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Yang Wang, Daolun Liang, Heping Li, Junhu Zhou. Role of Oxalic Acid in Promoting Ignition and Combustion of Boron: an Experimental and Theoretical Study. Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics. 2014, 39(6): 844-851. (SCI, EI)
  • Jianfei Xi, Jianzhong Liu, Yang Wang, Daolun Liang, Junhu Zhou. Effect of Metal Hydrides on the Burning Characteristics of Boron. Thermochimica Acta. 2014, 597: 58-64. (SCI, EI)
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  • Jianfei Xi, Yunyun Wu, Zhongzhu Gu, Haiyang An, Ye Yuan, Jie Cai. Experimental Investigation on soot formation in an ethylene/air laminar diffusion flame diluted with CO2 at pressures up to 8 atm. Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy. 2017, 36(2): 476-482. (SCI, EI)
  • Zhongzhu Gu, Jianfei Xi*, Haiyang An, Ye Yuan, Zhensong Jiang, Yunyun Wu. Re-W cathode discharge properties in N2 and CO2 atmosphere at high temperature up to 1000 ℃. Int. Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials. 2017, 64: 52-59. (SCI, EI)
  • Xuping Yu, Weimin Dai, Jianfei Xi*, Zhongzhu Gu. Numerical Investigation of line tube thermal emission style high-temperature electrostatic precipitator. Journal of Nanjing Normal University (Engineering and Technology Edition). 2017, 17(2): 42-48.
  • Jianfei Xi, Ye Yuan, Zhongzhu Gu, Weiben Yang, Xianpeng Zhang. Effect of CO2/N2/CH4 dilution on NO formation in laminar coflow syngas diffusion flames. Energy Sources Part A. 2018, 40(7): 821-829.