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Qin Xu Associate Professor

Academic Area: 
Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: 
Fluid Transmission and Control Technology Fluid Machinery and Component Structure Design and Optimization Computer Simulation and Control Dust Removal Technology and Equipment
  • Educational Background
    PhD, College of Engineering , Nanjing Agricultural University (2008)
    BE, College of Mechanical Engineering,Anhui University of Science & Technology (1986)

  • Research

  • Research Projects

  1. The Research of the Role and Molecular Mechanism of UBL40, in the Diamondback Moth Under the Stress of Deltamethrin(National Natural Science Foundation of China, Nos. 31460482, 2015-2018)

  2. Stress Induced and Functional Analysis of the Insecticide to Ubiquitin Proteome in Diamondback Moth (National Natural Science Foundation of China, Nos. 31071974, 2011-2013)

  3. Journal Articles

  4. Xu Qin, Yuanyue Huang, Yue Zhang. Analysis of Conditional Parameters in the Hydraulic Impactor. Advanced Materials Research , 2012, 347-353: 128-134(EI)

  5. Xu Qin,Yuanyue Huang. Development and Application of Non-Circular Gear Emulsion Motor. Advanced Materials Research , 2011, 317-319: 134(EI)

  6. Xu Qin,Yuanyue Huang. Study on the System of Impact Test in Hydraulic Impact Machine. Applied Mechanics and Materials , 2010, 37-38(11): 1345-1350(EI)

  7. Li Binbin, Xu Qin, Hong Yun, Xiao Xunzhi. Development and Current Situation of Mine Wet Dust Remover. KuangShan JiXie, 2016, 44(11)

  8. Xu Qin. State and Tendency of Development of Fluid Impact Machine. Construction Machinery and Equipment, 2011, 50(3): 54

  9. Xu Qin, Huang Yuanyue,Tian Xiangyou. Present situation and Development Trends of Hydraulic Impactors Research, Construction Machinery and Equipment,2010, 41(6): 47

  10. Xu Qin, Huang Yuanyue, Tian Xiangyou. Research and Application of Hydraulic Impactors. KuangShan JiXie, 2010, 38(12): 5

  11. Xu Qin, Huang Yuanyue, Ding Weimin. Study on Computer Test and Control System of Hydraulic Shock Mechanic Capability. Computer Measurement & Control, 2007, 15(2):191

  12. Xu Qin, Ding Weimin, Huang Yuanyue. Influence of Entry Caliber of Oil Tube on Pressure and Flux of Hydraulic Impact Equipment. Journal of Henan University of Science and Technology(Natural Science), 2007, 28(1): 9

  13. Zhang Jun, Ruan Zhiyu, Xu Qing. The Flow Characteristics of the Parallel Gear Rotator Pump. Chinese Hydraulics & Pneumatics. 2003, 9:4

  14. Xu Qin. Structural Improvement of Reducer Import Axel In SGB420/ 20(30) Scraper Roller. Journal of Anhui Institute of Architecture. 2002, 10(1):74

  15. Luogen Cheng, Yaqiong Du, Qin Xu, et al. Proteomic Analysis of Ubiquitinated Proteins from Deltamethrin-Resistant and Susceptible Strains of the Diamondback Moth, Plutella Xylostella L.Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, 2015, 90(2), 70-88 (SCI) 

  • Patents

  1. One Kind of Passive Pneumatic Pressure Boosting Device for Coal Mine Underground, ZL 2014 2 0454974.2

  2. Passive Pneumatic Pressure Boosting Device for Coal Mine Underground, ZL 2014 1 0394459.4

  • Honors and Awards

  1. Excellent Guidance Teacher for Practice
  • Academic Title

  1. Member of China Society of Agricultural Engineering
  2. Member of China Mechanical Engineering Society
  • Contact 

  • Tel:+86-025-85481034