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Xiaobao Zhao Professor

Academic Area: 
Enhanced heat and mass transfer
Research Interests: 
High efficient heat transfer technology;Energy saving technology;Vapor-liquid two phase flow and heat transfer


Educational Background

  • PhD, Chemical process machinery , Nanjing university of technology (2001)
  • MA, Engineering thermal physics, Chongqing University (1988)
  • BA, Engineering thermal physics, Chongqing University (1985)

Research Projects

  • Three-dimensional micro heat transfer enhancement rib group of basic research(2009),The ministry of education of science and technology research key project
  • Micro groove group of evaporative cooling system and pulsating heat pipe heat transfer research(2006),Department of natural science fund project in Jiangsu Province
  • Small space in gas-liquid two phase flow and heat transfer research(2001),Project supported by the natural science foundation of the colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province
  • Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Thin Powder Porous Layers(1990),Project supported by National nature science foundation
  • Test about Heat Pipe Dehumidifier, Test and Analysis about Heat Pipe Air Heat Exchanger, Test about the Flow Field in Hearth of a High Pressure Boiler Mix with Torch Gas(1998-2015),Research Programs Fund by Industry Company

Journal Articles

  1. Analysis and Experimentation on Boiling Heat Transfer in Thin Powder Porous Layers at High Heat Flux,Chinese Journal of Engineering Thermophysics,1990,2(3):323-333
  2. Analysis on Boiling Active Stability, Journal of Engineering Thermophysics,1991,12(4):406-410(in Chinese)
  3. Analysis and Experiment on Heat Transfer and Temperature Control Mechanism about a New Kind Conduction Variation Heat Pipe, Journal of Thermal Power Engineering,1998,13(5):328-330(in Chinese)
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  6. Study and Test on Heat Pipe De-hydrogen Reactor, Chemical Reacting Engineering and Progress,2003,19(4):317-322(in Chinese)
  7. Pulverization Analysis and Improvement about Oil Nozzle of Oil Boiler, Industrial Boiler,2005,(89):32-34(in Chinese)
  8. Experiment Study on Heat Pipe Transfer Performance of Miniature Space Thermosiphon Pipe, Journal of Natural Science Nanjing Normal University,2005,7(2):32-36(in Chinese)
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  10. Viscous Dissipation Effect on Convection Heat Transfer in Micro Quartz Tube, Journal of Chemical Engineering,2007,58(9):2194-2199(in Chinese)
  11. Study About the Influence of Various Inclination Angles on Phase-change Heat Transfer with the Rectangle Micro-grooves Surfaces, Journal of Engineering Thermophysics,2008,29(4):637-639(in Chinese)
  12. Flow Characteristics in Micro/mini Cylinder Group, Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2009,60(8):1959-1964(in Chinese) (Ei)
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  14. Experimental study on flow and heat transfer in 19.6m microtube, Experimental heat transfer, 2009, 22(3): 178-197(SCI/EI)
  15. Heat Transfer of Circular Shaped Micro/mini Pin-fin Heat Sink, Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2011, 62(3): 672-677(in Chinese) (Ei)
  16. Effect of Different Heating Power on Flow and Convective Heat Transfer Characteristics of Triangle Micro Pin Fins, Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015, (6):2062-2069(in Chinese)


  • Engineering Fluid Mechanics, chief editor, Southeast University Press, the First Edition (2004), the Second Edition (2008), the Third Edition (2012).


  1. Invention Patent: A compound source heat pump hot water system with heating collection/thermal storage/evaporation integration, ZL200810020470.9
  2. Invention Patent: A kind of heat conversion device used into the outside tube of compressor refrigerants and condensed water, ZL200910030935.3
  3. Utility Model Patent: A type of dehumidification device with a two-stage pre-cooling, ZL 201420224631.7
  4. Utility Model Patent: A type of  phase change heat storage and defrosting air conditioner with oscillating heat pipe, ZL 201420247884.6
  5. Utility Model Patent: An energy-saving type fire resistance system based on pulsating heat pipe recovery of waste heat, ZL 201420107114.1
  6. Utility Model Patent: A air conditioning refrigerating system with high performance of  condensed water evaporative cooling , ZL 201420147946.6
  7. Utility Model Patent: A kind of new heat pipe heater, ZL 201420100390.5
  8. Utility Model Patent:  A new type of heat pipe antifreeze device used for solar water heater, ZL2015200961390
  9. Utility Model Patent: A condensing heat pipe waste heat pipe recovery unit for gas water heater, ZL201520095064.4

Honors and Awards

  • Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in Thin Powder Porous Layers,1993,The Science Advancement Award of National Education Committee

Academic Title

Council Director of Jiangsu Boiler Academy


  • Tel:+86-25-85481005