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Introduction of the school-level key laboratory of artificial environment and the new energy application

The school-level key laboratory of artificial environment and the new energy application was built based on Nanjing Normal University, which is the national ‘211 project’ key construction university and one of Jiangsu provincial key construction universities. And the relying discipline as the building environment and energy application engineering is belong to key construction disciplines of ‘211 project’. The director of the laboratory academic committee is Professor Xing Ziwen, who is the ‘distinguished professor in Cheung Kong Scholars Programme’ from Xi 'an Jiaotong University, and professor Huang Hu in Nanjing Normal University is the director of the laboratory.


Coping with the technical requirements in the field on high efficiency and energy saving for artificial environment control and innovative applications of new energy on the heat and cold source equipment, the laboratory has been holding on condensing forces, strengthening discipline endogenous innovation capability and the sustainable development ability; making efforts to build the laboratory as a distinctive artificial environment control system platform for the research and development, a high-level talent training base and the academic communication center. The laboratory is committing to reach the construction level of Jiangsu province engineering technology research center, striving to enter the sequence of engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province, and building the research institutions with the characters as being characteristic, influencing and adjustable for the social development; and striving to make certain advantage disciplines as the domestic leading level. The laboratory will form characteristic and advantage of significant patent technology with independent intellectual property rights, and form the advantage by the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The group of deep academic attainments, strong scientific research ability and experienced leaders and specialists will be cultivated in the field of air conditioning refrigeration technology industrialization, who will address the key problems of how to transfer the science and technology into productivity, built as radiation center from the laboratory in the field of high and new technology to the application fields, making  important contributions to economic construction and social development in Jiangsu province.


The main research direction in the laboratory mainly includes the research and application of high efficiency heat pump technology, the indoor air quality control and the comfort research, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment performance testing and evaluation technology as well as the technology of new energy sources and distributed energy management.


  • The research and application on high efficiency heat pump technology. The low-grade energy could be utilized through the heat pump technology for the home heating and hot water supply and industrial heat. The popularization of heat pump technology can efficiently use of low grade energy and play a positive role for the environment.


  • The indoor air quality control and comfort research. The comfort research is focused on the study of regulation mechanism research of the passive solar radiation heating system on the indoor thermal environment. From the perspective of the indoor thermal comfort, the basic rule of solar heat transfer in the construction will be explored, meeting the minimum standards set by the indoor heating temperature, achieving the basic requirements of solar building heating.


  • The air conditioning refrigeration equipment performance testing and evaluation techniques. Tracking concept, equipment, the engineering application and the whole process of product life cycle, the evaluation method of air conditioning refrigeration equipment and evaluation system will be established and improved. In which way, the level of the application of air conditioning refrigeration equipment will be improved constantly, making it better for the health, comfort and energy-saving production and living environment.
  • The new energy sources and distributed energy management technology. This research is mainly focused on the heating/cooling/power trigeneration distributed energy technology, solar energy heat pump air conditioning technology, solar building integration and waste heat utilization technology.


The artificial environment and new energy application laboratory holds two professors (Huang Hu,Yu Yuejin), five associate professors (Lu Shihua, Xie XiaoJian, Niu Bao-lian, Li Yinglin, Li Qihe), six lecturers (Xia xueying, Xia Yi, Yu Yezhen, Wu Binbin, Zhang Ye, Zhang Zhongbin), in which ,there are six master tutor (Huang Hu,Yu Yuejin, Lu Shihua, Xie XiaoJian, Niu Bao-lian, Li Yinglin), and five with doctorate degree (Huang Hu, , Lu Shihua, Xie XiaoJian, Niu Bao-lian, Li Yinglin), three PhD candidates (Xia xueying, Xia Yi, Zhang Zhongbin).The research team is young and energetic. The direction depends on the secondary discipline of heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning engineering master's degree program, with the discipline of power engineering and engineering thermal physics as the 1st master's degree program, recruiting the graduate student for heating, gas, ventilation and air conditioning and refrigeration and cryogenic engineering.


During the past three years, the research team have undertaken one national (subordinate) major project, two national natural science fund items, five major projects at the provincial level, and the other two longitudinal projects, more than twenty horizontal cooperation projects, with total funding more than 300 ten thousand yuan. Dozens of academic papers have been published, including academic list (SCI, SCIE, EI, ISTP) more than ten paper, with more than ten core journal papers. Beside, more than ten invention patents have been licensed, with utility model patents authorized more than thirty, and open invention patents more than ten. And one drafting of national standards have been conducted.


A batch of research results have been transformed into productivity, achieving good economic and social benefits. The laboratory has established social union between colleges and companies as Jiangsu Zhiming ventilation equipment co., LTD., Nanjing Jialitu co., ltd. and Taizhou south wind cold chain co., LTD. Where, the co-built room air conditioning engineering technology research center projects has been completed in 2011.And the fresh air handling equipment engineering technology research center and the ground source heat pump engineering technology research center of Jiangsu province have been applied with the Zhiming ventilation equipment co., LTD and the Fengye energy technology co., LTD.


Based on the supporting institution, the integration, complementary advantages, the laboratory strives to create a multidisciplinary combination of key laboratory mode with scientific innovation and technological innovation. By full of resources integration, infiltration, and cross and multidisciplinary fusion, according to the major needs for artificial environment and application of new energy field, the platform will be a technology integration for the artificial environment and the scientific basis and technical support application for new energy and sustainable development.

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