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Scientific Research of School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering

School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Nanjing Normal University, has long been dedicated to solving the key scientific and technical problems involving energy, power and environment. It has achieved innovative results in the field of clean combustion, pollution control, energy clean utilization, system integrated optimization, high efficiency heat transfer, energy saving and cryogenic refrigeration. The school grants undergraduate and graduate degrees in power engineering and engineering thermal physics, which is the university key subject. The school has a scientific research team that is reasonable in age, educational background and professional title. One of the team leader is the distinguished professor Piao Guilin.


At present, for teaching and scientific research, in the School of Energy and Mechanical Engineering there is one key engineering laboratory, namely:Engineering Laboratory for Energy System Process Conversion & Emission Control Technology of Jiangsu Province.There are two key research institutions,including Institute of Low Carbon Technology and Clean Energy Utilization;Institute of Artificial Environment and New Energy Utilization Technology.


The research work is focused on high efficiency combustion, pollutant emission control technology, gasification of coal, efficient utilization of biomass, high efficient heat transfer, application of energy saving technology, low temperature technology and manufacturing process of fluid machinery. The school has hundreds of advanced equipments with a total value of more than 10 million yuan. These equipments include Germany multicomponent Testo360 flue gas analyzer, Leeman Hydro-C mercury analyzer, Vector-22 fourier infrared spectrometer, high temperature thermal analyzer (TG/DTG/DTA), laser particle size analyzer、IFA-300 thermal membrane thermostat speedometer, HD200 HP data acquisition system, FTIR-TGA combined analyzer, Agilent gas chromatograph, microcomputer calorimeter, intelligent signal analyzer, Germany ECOM flue gas analyzer, VM3000 gas on-line mercury analyzer, low concentration mercury source generator, etc.