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Research Direction

The discipline has being dedicated to solving for characteristic as the key technical problems on energy and momentum, energy and environment fields ; clean combustion and pollutant control direction; clean energy utilization optimization and system integration; and high efficient heat transfer and energy conservation technology direction of refrigeration.    


  • The clean combustion and pollutant control: system research of energy efficient clean conversion and pollutant emission control technology have been conducted, and the research on activity of carbon-based adsorption and photocatalytic synergy of plasma pollutants associated control technology has obtained innovative achievements, and which has been set up in a new joint pollutants in purification engineering demonstration device. The thermionic emission type of no corona electrostatic dusting theory and technology research has been conducted and developed, opening a new technology for high temperature flue gas dust removal fields. The flue gas desulfurization denitration technology participated have been identified by China Nation power organization reaching the domestic leading level.​
  • The clean energy utilization optimization direction: The researches on system integration in the biomass energy and experiment or engineering application have been done. And the innovation using biomass activated coke and utilization of biomass/biochar reburn joint control of flue gas pollutants innovation has been puts forward, with research results published in Fuel, Powder Technology journal, etc. Exploration has been conducted on the new energy and renewable energy power generation installations, as well as grade of energy utilization technology route and construction of Jiangsu coastal energy axis.
  • The efficient heat transfer and energy conservation: The technology research around a new type of heat pipe heat transfer enhancement and micro-scale heat transfer enhancement mechanism has been carried out. In which, the complex flow and the interaction law of heat transfer strengthening have been explored. The new ideas of high hydrophobic film coating on the microchannel wall to reduce the flow resistance have been proposed.   
  • The refrigeration and cryogenic field: The energy-saving air conditioning and equipment, the radiation and ground source heat pump research, as well as energy storage type solar heat pump have been carried out .And in 2006, the third prize of China refrigeration institute of scientific and technological progress have been won, which holds an important guiding role for the promotion of ground source heat pump and low energy consumption, high efficiency solar heat pump hot water system.