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Dean's Welcome

Water crisis, soil pollution, haze, ecological degradation …. The development of human is now facing unprecedented environmental challenges. Since environmental protection has become China's basic national policy, environmental science, environmental engineering and other related specialties become ‘hot majors’ referring to the survival and development of our human.

Approved by Jiangsu Provincial Education Commission, the Institute of Environmental Science of Nanjing Normal University (IES-NNU) was established in 1987. In 1999, the subject of Physical Geography started to recruit doctor and master students in majors of "Environmental Evolution" and "Environmental Education". In 2001 and 2002, specialties of "Environmental Science" and "Environmental Engineering" were officially established with approve for recruitment of undergraduate students. In 2003, "Environmental Geography" was authorized as an independent station for doctor’s degree. In 2006, "Environmental Science" was authorized as an independent station for master’s degree. In March 2010, NNU integrated the environment-related schools and resources, established the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering (EDSE). In the same year, "Environmental Science and Engineering" was approved to be the prime station for master’s degree. In 2012, "Ecology" was approved to be the prime station for doctor’s degree. Based on readjustment and selection in 2015, "Environmental Science and Engineering" was approved to be the prime station for doctor’s degree. In December 2015, School of Environment was finally established.

Since "the Tenth Five Year Plan", "environmental change and ecological construction" had been listed as a key national construction project of the "211 Project". Relying on the " Key Laboratory of Virtual Geographic Environment (Nanjing Normal University) of Ministry of Education", environmental subject progressively improved and expanded research directions and platforms. Approved by the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, we have established "Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Environmental Evolution and Ecological Construction", "Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Material Recycling and Pollution Control", and the first-in-China groundbreaking "Pilot Platform for Ecological Remediation of Water Environment". And in 2011, "Jiangsu Key Engineering Laboratory of Ecological Remediation of Water and Soil Environment" was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission for its establishment.

To promote the rapid development of environmental subject with the help of comprehensive disciplines, not only the conventional research basis on environmental sciences but also the frontiers and hot topics have been emphasized with the support of key laboratories and related disciplines. Focusing on discipline integration and new growth points cultivation, distinct characteristic and strengths have formed in the theoretical study and engineering demonstration in ecological remediation, multiscale processes and mechanisms in environmental evolution, remote sensing for environmental dynamic monitoring, regional environmental protection and management, for which the theory of environmental science, technology and method have been enriched and developed. In recent years, we undertook over 50 national level projects from National Science and Technology Support Program, 863 Plan, National Science Foundation of China, and over 200 projects of provincial and ministerial level, as well as from local and enterprises, which strongly supported the construction of environmental discipline and talent cultivation.

Holding the spirits of forging ahead, pioneering innovatively, being responsible and willing to fulfill the responsibilities, School of Environmental and all the employees will continue taking effort for the vital demand of China's environmental protection and sustainable development, aim at disciplinary frontiers, adhere to the "combination of science and technology, and fusion of liberal arts and sciences" educational philosophy, follow the mode of "cooperation, innovation, pragmatic, open" for school-running, persist in the fundamental task to cultivate the compound talents for environmental protection and related fields, to feedback teaching with the fundamental, forward-looking and strategically innovative research in environment, to cultivate first-class innovative talents in environmental disciplines, and to strive for improvement of environmental quality for human survival and development, and for promotion of the construction of ecological civilization!

School of Environment of Nanjing Normal University sincerely welcome domestic and abroad outstanding scholars and students to join us! Clean water, healthy soil, crystal blue sky and beautiful land, that our dream can be realized surely!


With Best Wishes,


Huan He
Professor of Environmental Ecology
Dean, School of Environment