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Academic Events

School of Environment,Nanjing Normal University sincerely welcomes outstanding scholars and students from domestic and abroad

Applicants for the position of Research Professor, Research Associate Professor, or Talents PhD, please check the website of our related introductions to find...

[The 28th Environmental Forum] Professor Zhaoqing Liu from school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Guangzhou University came to our school for academic exchange

On April 6 th , 2021, at the invitation of Professor Changjin Tang, School of environment, Nanjing Normal University, Professor Liu Zhaoqing, School of...

[Publication]: Review on application of perylene diimide (PDI)-based materials in environment: Pollutant detection and degradation

Dr. Chenmin Xu and Prof. Shaogui Yang published a research paper in Science of the Total Environment (2021, 146483)

[Publication]: The synergistic effect in metal-free graphene oxide coupled graphitic carbon nitride/light/peroxymonosulfate system: Photothermal effect and catalyst stability

Dr. Chenmin Xu published a research paper in Carbon The combination of sulfate radical-mediated advanced oxidation...

[Publication]: Novel PvACR3;2 and PvACR3;3 genes from arsenic-hyperaccumulator Pteris vittata and their roles in manipulating plant arsenic accumulation

Associate Professor Yanshan Chen published a research paper in Journal of Hazardous Materials (2021, 125647)

[Publication]: The change of water content and role of microbe in the sludge drying process

Prof. Bo Bian published a research paper in Journal of Environmental Management (2021, 112254) In this study, the...

[Publication]: Insights into the adsorption mechanism of tannic acid by a green synthesized nano-hydroxyapatite and its effect on aqueous Cu(II) removal

Associate professor Wei Wei published a research paper in Science of The Total Environment (2021, 146189) The...

[Publication]: Modification of graphitic carbon nitride by elemental boron cocatalyst with high-efficient charge transfer and photothermal conversion

Dr. Chenmin Xu and Prof. Shaogui Yang published a research paper in Chemical Engineering Journal (2021, 129203)

[Publication]: Understanding spatial effects of tetrahedral and octahedral cobalt cations on peroxymonosulfate activation for efficient pollution degradation

Dr. Zhe Xu and Prof. Huan He published a research paper in Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (2021, 120072)

[Publication]: Co-transport of biogenic nano-hydroxyapatite and Pb(II) in saturated sand columns: Controlling factors and stochastic modelling

Associate Professor Wei Wei published a research paper in Chemosphere (2021: 130078) Biogenic nano-...