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Academic Events

A research paper authored by undergraduate students majoring in Environment Engineering was accepted for publication in SCI journal

Recently, a paper entitled " Emission inventory and distribution characteristics of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a coking industry city in Northern China " composed by Mr. Wei Liu, a 2013 grade undergraduate student of School of Environment as the first author was accepted by the SCI core journal in environment domain, Geochemical Journal, for its publication. This work was achieved under the supervision of Asso. Prof. Zhonghuan Xia.

This paper took Linfen city, Shanxi province as an example, to establish the emission inventory of 16 PAHs with controlled priority listed by the USEPA. The total emissions, composition profile, source profile, spatial distribution and historical time trends of PAHs in Linfen were reported. This study provides a research method of establishing emission inventory by county, which could be used to evaluate PAHs pollution levels and formulate control measures of seriously polluted cities.