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Academic Events

NEWS: Dr. Jixi Gao, director of Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, gave his talk “Regional ecology - the way to solve environmental problems” in NJNU

In the afternoon of June 2, 2016, senior researcher, Ph.D. Jixi Gao, director of Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences gave the report "Regional ecology: the road to the solution of environmental problems" in the lecture hall 420 of Xingyuan Building. Wang Jian, deputy secretary of the party secretary of NJNU, the school leadership, teachers and students, nearly 200 people presented to listen to the report which was chaired by prof. Guoxiang Wang, dean of the School of Environment.

Present situation of the regional ecological environmental problems have become increasingly prominent in the Gao Jixi researcher report as an example, describes the ecological crisis by local gradually evolved into a regional, easy to explain what is the ecological or environmental areas, and from three angles, wind field, basin resource domain, points out the research object of regional ecology. From the spatial scale, this paper discusses the research scale of the regional ecology, and introduces the research contents and key problems of the regional ecology in detail. And to the region ecology from population ecology to landscape ecology research, from local to the macro scale change, the research object of comprehensive strengthening, research goal gradually for regional sustainable development, reviews the development of ecology.

The report was vivid and informative in combination with warm atmosphere. Listeners said that the report helped them with a more comprehensive understanding of the field of regional ecology, and raised their enthusiasm for finding the solution of ecological environmental problems.