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Academic Events

Professor Zhen He from Virginia Tech, U.S., visited our school

On June 29, 2019, Professor Zhen He from Virginia Tech, U.S., visited our school and gave an academic lecture on the theme of “Writting Skills of High-level Academic Paper” and academic report on “Research on the Frontiers of Resource Recovery Technology in Wastewater” at the invitation of Prof. Hailiang Song from the Environmental school of Nanjing Normal University. The meeting was hosted by Song Hailiang. Attendees exceeded 30 including the vice president of the School of Environment, Prof. Huan He, and more than 10 professors and young teachers, more than 20 graduate students.

In the first part of the report, “Writing Skills of High-level Essay ”, Prof. He analyzed the standard structure of SCI papers, and explained the five parts from perspective abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion and conclusions separately, especially the similarities and differences between the abstract and the conclusions were explained in detail. As the editor-in-chief of three SCI journals, Prof. He compared the differences in the requirements of different journals and provided valuable suggestions for the writing and submission of papers. Prof. He’s idea that “a paper is a wonderful little story” had aroused everyone’s resonance.


After a short coffee break, Professor He followed up with the second part of the report, “The Frontier of Resource Recovery Technology in Wastewater”. In this session, Prof. He focused on the technology of combining wastewater treatment with resource recovery by means of combination of a forward osmosis membrane and a bioelectrochemical system. Prof. He emphasized on how to determine the direction of scientific research, raise scientific questions, solve scientific problems, and how to make organic connections between basic research and applied research. Prof. He specifically mentioned that in the process of scientific research, it was necessary to take action immediately once a very innovative idea arising, and transformed it into an academic paper in the first time. He also emphasized that in scientific research work, we must be good at cooperation and strengthen the intersection of disciplines.