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Academic Events

[The 28th Environmental Forum] Professor Zhaoqing Liu from school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Guangzhou University came to our school for academic exchange

  On April 6th, 2021, at the invitation of Professor Changjin Tang, School of environment, Nanjing Normal University, Professor Liu Zhaoqing, School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Guangzhou University, gave an academic report entitled "Design and control strategy of spinel electrocatalytic materials" in conference room E202, School of environment, Nanjing Normal University. The report was hosted by Prof. Changjin Tang. More than 30 teachers and students listened to the report.

  Prof. Zhaoqing Liu is a top-notch young talent of the ten thousand talents program of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, a winner of the Guangdong Provincial Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, and a class a distinguished professor of "Guangzhou scholars" of Guangzhou University. He is also vice president of School of chemistry and chemical engineering, Guangzhou University, deputy director of Key Laboratory of Pearl River Delta water quality safety and protection, Ministry of education, director of Institute of clean energy materials, and director of Guangzhou Key Laboratory of clean energy materials. He has presided over 20 projects including National Natural Science Foundation of China, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Guangdong science and technology program, and major scientific research projects of universities in Guangdong Province. So far, 147 papers have been published in SCI, including 100 papers published by the first author or corresponding author, 68 papers with an impact factor of more than 5.0, 21 papers with an impact factor of if > 10, 20 papers selected as 1% ESI highly cited papers, 20 cover papers, 23 papers cited more than 100 times, the highest number of citations for a single paper is 575, and the papers are cited 8182 times by international authoritative journals.

  Prof. Zhaoqing Liu made a report on the design and preparation of spinel electrocatalytic materials, the regulation of structure-activity relationship and the assembly and service of devices. According to various electrochemical reaction polarization curves, Prof. Zhaoqing Liu first proposed many challenges faced by current electrochemical research, such as slow reaction kinetics, low product selectivity and insufficient catalyst durability. Then, Prof. Zhaoqing Liu analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of spinel materials and their molecular structure, and then analyzed them from the aspects of interface design, morphology control and defect engineering. The activity control of the electrocatalytic materials was discussed. It was proposed to design and prepare the spinel electrocatalytic materials considering the complexity and the proximity of the actual situation. The structure-activity relationship is adjusted on the basis of the surface species detection and performance characterization, and the device assembly and service was operated according to the catalytic surface science, thus forming a "function oriented" electrocatalytic material Finally, these research ideas and results were expected to provide scientific basis and theoretical guidance for the design, synthesis and application development of electrochemical materials.

  Prof. Zhaoqing Liu's report was wonderful and detailed. From the design and synthesis of spinel materials to the structure-activity control and then to the potential application, the research ideas and research process of the design and control strategy of spinel electrocatalytic materials were introduced in detail. Teachers and students on the scene have benefited a lot. Teachers and students of our college had a positive discussion with Prof. Zhaoqing Liu on the sharing of experience about highlight