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Academic Events

The Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering Came to Our School for Academic Exchange

     Professor Zhiguo Yuan, the Director of the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland was invited by School of Environment and Jiangsu Engineering Lab of Water and Soil Eco-remediation to present a seminar. The seminar titled “Explore new opportunity in wastewater management” was hold in Meeting Room 201 at 1 June 2018. The dean of School of Environment, Professor Guoxiang Wang, some post-graduate supervisors and young teachers attended the seminar which was directed by Professor Hailiang Song.

The concept of wastewater management is changing from pollutants removal to resources recovery. The major resources from wastewater were water, energy and nutrients. Most of researches focused on the resources recovery. However, these resources could have market competitiveness with commodity quality which increased the costs of investment and operation. Meanwhile, kinds of substances could be recovered from wastewater via another way as the requirements are relatively low for these substances. These substances could replace some expensive commercial chemicals and then could bring substantial economic and environmental benefits. Professor Zhiguo Yuan gave an example, organic carbon from wastewater could be used for nitrogen and phosphorus removal via combining the Anoxic and Anaerobic regions which was currently employed in most wastewater plants. The systematic management concept presented by Professor Yuan in the seminar provided broader opportunity for wastewater treatment industry.


    Professor Yuan proposed constructive suggestions in regard to joint graduate education, young teachers development and declare scientific research projects jointly after the seminar. In especial, School of Environment and Advanced Water Management Centre of The University of Queensland reached preliminary cooperation intention on the “3+2” Pegatron joint culture model.

Professor Yuan is the director of Advanced Water Management Centre of The University of Queensland, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE), the prizewinner of Clunies Ross Awards (the highest honor in Australian institute of engineering), most influential 100 engineers in Australia, The Recruitment Program of Global Experts in China (Tsinghua University), the fellow of IWA, the editor of Water Research, Water Science and Technology and Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering in China. Professor Yuan has received more than 30 million Australian dollars for research in total. 420 million Australian dollars was saved benefiting from his research findings. 3 monographs, 7 co-publishing chapters and 500 papers have been published. Especially, as the corresponding author, he has published one paper in Nature and one in Science. The total citations were more than 10000 times and H-factor is 59. He was invited as the keynote speaker more than 10 times on international conferences. He has applied for 7 invention patents in Australian in which 3 possess independent intellectual property. 3 scientific and technical corporations (SeweXCloevis and Lodomat) were established and have been widely applied in industry.