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Academic Events

Vice-dean for international programs at the Nicholas School of the Environment of Duke University, Prof. Erika Weinthal visited our school for academic communication

9, 2016, vice-dean for international programs at the Nicholas School of the Environment of Duke University, Prof. Erika Weinthal, expert on global environmental policy and natural resources policy, visited School of Environment, NJNU for the academic speech on environmental policy and the introduction to the coming environmental policy master program of Kunshan-Duke University.

At 3:30 pm, the academic event began in the 420 lecture hall of Xing-Yuan Building. The event attracted more than 30 faculties and students. For the first part, Prof. Weinthal gave the academic speech entitled "The Water-Energy Nexus: A Policy Perspective", which focused on the relationship between water and energy resources. The speech referred to the uneven distribution of water resources, the exacerbation effect of climate change on the shortage of water resources, area reduction of Aral Sea and increased water salinity problems, as well as the water footprint calculation of the shale gas production process and the subsequent management advices. The splendid speech raised a wide discussion of teachers and students. The students were sparked their own views on the problems of water resources and energy in China, and prof. Weinthal made a thorough analysis and answer from the professional point of view with her suggestions.

For the second part, prof. Weinthal introduced the environmental policy master program of Kunshan-Duke University to start in the autumn of 2017, referring to the core idea of program design, curriculum program, recruitment plan, financial resources. She also answered questions that the teachers and students were interested in. The communication came to the end in warm applauses. The students said that the lectures broadened their horizons, deepened their understanding of the dynamics of the academic frontiers.


Duke University (Duke University) was founded in 1838, is a famous research university in the United States, ranking around 20 worldwide, and tied for the 7th in the US in parallel with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Pennsylvania in 2014. Dr. Weinthal is a co-director of the Borderwork(s) Lab in the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University, specializing in global environmental politics with an emphasis on water and energy. She is a member of the UNEP Expert Group on Conflict and Peacebuilding. Since 2011, she serves as an Associate Editor at Global Environmental Politics. Her book -- State Making and Environmental Cooperation: Linking Domestic Politics and International Politics in Central Asia (MIT Press 2002) --was awarded the 2003 Chadwick Alger Prize and the 2003 Lynton Keith Caldwell Prize. She has co-authored -- Oil is not a Curse: Ownership Structure and Institutions in Soviet Successor States (Cambridge University Press 2010), which was shortlisted for the 2012 Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) book award 2012. Currently, she is co-editing a volume entitled Water and Post-conflict Peacebuilding: Shoring Up Peace (Earthscan Press, forthcoming).