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Biao Xie Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Environmental management; organic agriculture
  • agro-food systems sustainability
  • diet, health and environment

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Science, Nanjing University (2003)

MA, Environmental Geochemistry, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (1996)

BA, Geochemistry, Changchun Geology University (1993)



Research Interests

Environmental management; organic agriculture; agro-food systems sustainability; diet, health and environment.


Research Projects

  1. Reactive nitrogen flow in Nanjing and Kunming food production and consumption: an analysis of inputs, flows, use efficiencies, consequences and impact on the environment, sub-project of the Program of the Major Research Plan of the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Grant No. 2014CB953800)(2014-2018)
  2. Response to nitrogen losses associated with soil erosion of Grain-for-Green Program in Dianchi watershed using isotope tracers, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 41273103)(2013-2016)
  3. Impact evaluation of returning farmland to forest on water and soil erosion and ecological environment in Dianchi watershed, using isotope tracing, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 41030751) (2011-2014)


Main publications

1) Zhang Mingli, Yang Hao, Xie Biao, Sun Panpan, Li Jing, Zou Jun, Wang Yanhua, Changes of C and N stocks in the subtropical Dianchi lake watershed in southwest China due to LUCC, Eurasian Journal of Soil Science,2016,5(1):17-23.

2) Xie Biao, Wang Liyuan, Yang Hao, Wang Yanhua and Zhang Mingli, 2015. Consumer perceptions and attitudes of organic food products in Eastern China, British Food Journal 117(3), 1105-1121.

3) Qin Jun, Yang Hao, Zhang Mingli, Xie Biao, Li Jing, Sun Panpan,Wang Yanhua, 2015. Sources of organic matter in the sediments of Baoxiang river reservoir, Dianchi watershed, Geographical Research 34(1):53-64 (in Chinese)

4) Xie Biao, Qin Jun, Yang Hao, Wang Xia, Wang Yan-Hua, Li Ting-You. 2013. Organic aquaculture in China: A review from a global perspective, Aquaculture 414, 243-253.

5) Xie Biao, Zhang Mingli, Yang Hao and Jiang Wei. 2011. Effects of conventional versus organic production systems on amino acid profiles and heavy metal concentrations in the Chinese shrimp Penaeus chinensis, Fisheries Science, 77(5), 839-845.

6) Xie Biao, Li Tingyou, Qian Yi. 2011. Organic certification and the market: organic exports from and imports to China, British Food Journal, 113(10), 1200-1216.




School of the Environment

Nanjing Normal University

1 wenyuan road, Nanjing 210023



Tel/Fax: (86 25) 85891455

Mobile: (86) 13951662360