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Chenfei Shi Associate Professor

Research Interests: 
Synthesis of functional materials and their application in pollution control

Educational Background

PhD, Environmental Engineering, Nanjing University (2015)

MA, Environmental Engineering, Shandong University (2010)

BA, Environmental Engineering, Shandong University (2007)



Research interests

Synthesis of functional materials and their application in pollution control


Research Projects:

Natural Science Found of Jiangsu province - Preparation of carbon-iron composite from coagulation sludge and its application in activated persulfate for degradation of sulfonamide antibiotics


Journal Articles:

1.         J. Zhang, Q. Shi, C. Zhang, J. Xu, B. Zhai, B. Zhang, 2008. Adsorption of Neutral Red onto Mn-impregnated activated carbons prepared from Typha orientalis. Bioresource Technology 99, 8974-8980.

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4.         Q. Shi, A. Li, Z. Zhu, B. Liu, 2013. Adsorption of naphthalene onto a high-surface-area carbon from waste ion exchange resin. Journal of Environmental Sciences 25, 188-194.

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6.         Q. Shi, A. Li, Q. Zhou, C. Shuang, Y. Li, 2014. Removal of diethyl phthalate from aqueous solution using magnetic iron-carbon composite prepared from waste anion exchange resin. Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 45, 2488-2493.

7.  Q. Shi, A. Li, Q. Zhou, Y. Li. Oxidative degradation of Orange G by persulfate activated with

iron-immobilized resin chars, 2015. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 25, 308-313.

8.  J. Fan, J. Zhang, C. Zhang, L. Ren, Q. Shi, 2011. Adsorption of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol from aqueous solution onto activated carbon derived from loosestrife.  Desalination 267, 139-146.  

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