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Fenghe Wang Professor

Research Interests: 
  • Water resources management and environmental monitoring
  • Freshwater and wastewater treatment
  • Water and soil ecological and chemical remediation

Educational Background

PhD, Nanjing University of Science and Technology (NUST) (2007)

MA, NUST(2004)

BA, NUST(1996)



Research Interests:
(1) Water resources management and environmental monitoring

In this sub-field, my research involves assessing the occurrence, distribution, and risk of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), which threaten the safety of drinking water, such as antibiotics and endocrine disrupting chemicals in the surface sediments of lakes; and their novel environmental monitoring technology.

(2) Freshwater and wastewater treatment

In this sub-field, my research involves water treatment technology and its application, such as heavy metal, phosphorus, chemical oxygen demand, turbidity, and color reducing. My current research include experiment and computer simulation of adsorption of antibiotics and heavy metal from water.

(3) Water and soil ecological and chemical remediation

In this sub-field, my research involves eco-remediation of aquatic environment in lakes, rivers, reservoirs; Chemical remediation and phytoremediation of contaminated soil. One of examples is solidification/stabilization of heavy metals in polluted soils of mined area, and in fly ash from municipal solid waste incineration.


Research Projects:

  1. The coupling interaction and environmental behavior of typical antibiotics and heavy metals in the sediment of Taihu Lake, 41473071, NSFC, 2015-2018.
  2. Remediation mechanism of soil contained heavy metals and its ecological assessment, 41101287, NSFC, 2012-2014.
  3. Separation and enrichment of trace antibiotics in water, the High Level Talent Project of “Six Talents Summit” in Jiangsu Province (JNHB-008), 2015-2018


Journal Articles:

  1. Feng-He Wang*, Bin Zhao, Fan Zhang, Jay Gao, Hao-Tian Hao, Shengtian Zhang. A novel heavy-metal chelating agent sixthio guanidine acid for in situ remediation of soils contaminated with multi-elements: its synthesis, solidification, biodegradability and leachability[J].Journal of Soils and Sediments, 2016,16:371–381 ( IF=2.206)
  2. Feng-He Wang*, Wei Jiang, Ying Fang, Chun-Wen Cheng. Preparation of Fe3O4 magnetic porous microspheres (MPMs) and their application in treating mercury-containing wastewater from the polyvinyl chloride industry by calcium carbide method[J].Chemical Engineering Journal, 2015,259:827–836( IF= 5.31)
  3. Feng-He Wang*, Fan Zhang, Yajun Chen, Jay Gao, Bin Zhao. A comparative study on the heavy metal solidification/stabilization performance of four chemical solidifying agents in municipal solid waste incineration fly ash[J].Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2015, 300:451-458(IF=4.836)
  4. Feng-He Wang*, Chun-Wen Cheng, Lun-Chao Duan, Wu Lei, Ming-Zhu Xia, Feng-Yun Wang. Highly selective fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ ion based on a novel rhodamine B derivative [J].Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015, 206: 679–683 (IF= 4.758)
  5. Yajun Chen, Tao Lan,Lunchao Duan, Fenghe Wang*, Bin Zhao, Shengtian Zhang, Wei Wei. Adsorptive removal and its kinetics of fluoroquinolone antibiotics by nano-hydroxyapatite[J]. PLoS ONE, 2015,10(12):e0145025 (IF=3.057)
  6. Bin Zhao, Yingxue Ji, Fenghe Wang*, Hua Lei, Zhongzhu Gu. Adsorption of Tetracycline onto Alumina: Experimental Research and Molecular Dynamics Simulation[J].Desalination and Water Treatment, 2015,1-9 (IF= 1.272)  
  7. Feng-He Wang*, Hao-Tian Hao, Rong-fei Sun, Shi-yin Li, Rui-ming Han, Charalambos Papelis, Yong Zhang. A pilot scale evaluation of coagulation pre-treatment for wastewater reused by reverse osmosis in a petrochemical circulating cooling water system[J]. Desalination, 2014,335(1):64-69. (IF= 3.960)
  8. Junjun Gu, Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang, Mudan Chen, Jianyu Mao, Tan Xie. Facile removal of oils from water surfaces through highly hydrophobic and magnetic polymer nanocomposites[J].Applied Surface Science, 2014, 301(15):492–499. (IF= 2.538).
  9. Ying-xue Ji, Feng-he Wang*, Lun-chao Duan, Fan Zhang, Xuedong Gong. Effect of temperature on the adsorption of sulfanilamide onto aluminum oxide and its molecular dynamics simulations[J]. Applied Surface Science, 2013, 285P: 403-408 (IF=2.112)
  10. Jian-Ping Zeng, Feng-He Wang, Xue-Dong Gong. Molecular dynamics simulation of the interaction between polyaspartic acid and calcium carbonate[J]. Molecular Simulation, 2013, 39(3): 169-175.( IF= 1.119)
  11. Mudan Chen, Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang, Ping Shen, Peichang Ma, Junjun Gu, Jianyu Mao, Fengsheng Li. Synthesis of highly hydrophobic floating magnetic polymer nanocomposites for the removal of oils from water surface[J]. Applied Surface Science, 2013, 286:249-256. (IF=2.112)
  12. Peichang Ma, Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang, Fengsheng Li, Ping Shen, Mudan Chen, Yujiao Wang, Jie Liu, Pingyun Li. Synthesis and photocatalytic property of Fe3O4@TiO2 core/shell nanoparticles supported by reduced graphene oxide sheets[J]. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2013, (578):501–506. (IF=2.726)
  13. Ping Shen,Wei Jiang, Fenghe Wang, Mudan Chen, Peichang Ma, Fengsheng Li. Preparation and characterization of Fe3O4@TiO2 shell on polystyrene beads[J].  Journal of Polymer Research, 2013, 20:252. (IF=2.019)
  14. Feng-He Wang*, Ying-Xue Ji, Jun-Jie Wang. Synthesis of heavy metal chelating agent with four chelating groups of N1,N2,N4,N5-tetrakis(2-mercaptoethyl)benzene-1,2,4,5- tetracarboxamide  (TMBTCA) and its application for Cu-containing wastewater[J]. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2012, (241-242): 427-432.( IF=4.173)
  15. Feng-he Wang*, Feng-yun Wang, Xue-dong Gong. Molecular Dynamics Study of Interaction between Acrylamide Copolymers and Alumina Crystal[J]. Chinese Journal of Chemical Physics, 2012, 25(5): 571-576.( IF=0.632)


Academic Title:
Vice Director of Jiangsu  Provincial  Key  Laboratory  of  Materials  Cycling  and  Pollution  Control

Vice Director of Jiangsu Engineering Laboratory of Water and Soil Eco-remediation

Vice Director of Institute of Water Environmental Ecoremediation, Nanjing Normal University.


Contact Information:
+86 25 85891473